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Looking back at Taylor Swift’s stunning hair transformation

Looking back at Taylor Swift’s stunning hair transformation

American pop star Taylor Swift will welcome another baby in her growing cabinet of trophies as she will be receiving the Artist of the Decade Award at upcoming American Music Awards (AMAs).

Swift rightfully deserves to take home the prestigious award as she has won the most AMAs than other artists of this decade.

Now, as her music and style evolved and transformed throughout her 13-year music career, so did her hair! So, in honor of the 2019 AMAs Artist of the Decade awardee, let’s take a look back at Taylor Swift’s dramatic and glamorous hair transformations.

It’s a love story (2007)

The world fell in love with Taylor Swift’s voluminous curly hair back in 2007 and 2008, when she’s starting to dip her toes into stardom.

Source: HSI Professional

New Do (2010)

Shocking the 2010 AMAs crowd, Taylor drastically transformed with straightened hair and bangs, which is far from the country curls she was known for.

Source: Talking Makeup

Red lip classic (2012)

As she redefined the classic bright red lipstick in 2012, Taylor embraced her fringe and played around with layers that suit her style.

Source: Refinery 29

Shakin’ it off (2014)

The singer-songwriter shook off her long locks and rocked a chopped wavy bob, which fits perfectly as she welcomes a chapter of her life.

Source: Teen Vogue

Sleek slicked back (2015)

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In 2015, she kept her sleek shoulder-length hair.

Source: Teen Vogue

Big chop (2016)

Swifties and the rest of the world saw her biggest chop in her more than ten-decade career in 2019. She slayed a chin-length bob with bangs, which looked a bitlike Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s classic hairdo.

Source: Teen Vogue

Blondest (2019)

Just like how she releases her albums, her bleached blond bob for the cover of Vogue was dropped like a bomb.

Source: Allure

Taylor Swift is truly a music icon and an ultimate hair inspo. Would you dare cut or curl her hair like hers?

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