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L’Oréal Paris and Karl Lagerfeld: The Most Historical Collaboration

L’Oréal Paris and Karl Lagerfeld: The Most Historical Collaboration

Beauty and fashion enthusiasts? Your attention please! History has been made yet again as since the death of Karl Lagerfeld, a German designer who has recently passed away just last February has left his mark in the beauty industry he had dominated withhis impeccable ideas, works, and contributions towards the contemporary fashion and beauty.

As a tribute to his amazing legacy, two of the most iconic Parisian brands, L’Oréal Paris and the House of Karl Lagerfeld, have announced a makeup collaboration. They will join to introduce a collection of luxe and iconic style for beauty

“This line of makeup truly reflects the Karl Lagerfeld brand universe and what Karl loved in makeup,” Caroline Lebar, head of image and communication at House of Karl Lagerfeld stated.

The details of L’Oréal Paris and Karl Lagerfeld’s collection is still a mystery. One thing’s for sure though: it will most definitely be aligned with Karl Lagerfeld’s signature rock-chic aesthetic and its campaign will feature some of Lagerfeld’s well-known sayings.

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“For L’Oréal Paris, all of our fashion collaborations are an honor, but this one is particularly meaningful,” Délphine Viguier-Hovasse, the new L’Oréal Paris global brand ambassador, said in an interview. “While Karl upturned the hierarchy of the landscape to democratize fashion, L’Oréal Paris is committed to making beauty according to women’s own rules and desires. We look forward to sharing with the world the makeup born from this creative connection: Karl Lagerfeld’s rock chic and L’Oreal Paris’ empowered vision of beauty,” Delphine added.

Karl Lagerfeld’s most awaited and historical collaboration with L’Oréal Paris will surely be remembered by everyone as they gave him tribute to his known legacy for his undying passion towards the fashion and beauty realm.

The L’Oréal Paris x Karl Lagerfeld collection will be launched on September 2019, setting its debut online before officially launching globally on September 27. Make sure to mark your calendars as history is made!

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