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Louis Vuitton Apologizes to Regine Velasquez For Discrimination

Louis Vuitton Apologizes to Regine Velasquez For Discrimination

It’s the 21st century, but discrimination still remains to be common in this day and age and it mostly occurs towards us, Asians.

Regine Velasquez, established and legendary OPM star, experienced discrimination when she went to New York, visitting Louis Vuitton. The star had wanted to buy something from there, mentioning it in her October 1 vlog; however, she was stopped by the door. The staff claimed they had none in her size and they really refused to let her in, mostly perhaps she was only in a shirt and jeans or at least this was what she had figured.

In an interview with Tonight With Boy Abunda, Regine mentioned that due to her anger, she had figured the best revenge would be to go somewhere else then buy a lot there just to show the shope who had discriminate her that she was just not an ordinary person.

In the interview, Regine also mentioned that Louis Vuitton actually sent her flowers after the said incident, especially when her vlog was trending on the internet — though it wasn’t clear if a note had come with it too.

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