Maja Salvador Doesn’t Mind Being A Supporting Actress To Her Niece’s Character

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The Killer Bride was one of the most awaited dramas of this year. One reason behind it was the compelling plot it had shown at the moment the trailer was released. Everyone knows nearly every Pinay is into frightening stories with the right amount of a revengeful taste so it was only a matter of time until everyone got hyped with it.

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It’s a Salvador thing.

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That; however, isn’t the only reason as to why The Killer Bride was loved so much. It was also the fact that Maja and Janella Salvador, aunt and niece respectively, were going to star side by side in a show for the very first time. With this, it was no wonder everyone stayed up until late at night just to watch each episode of Camila Dela Torre and Emma’s story unfold. As each day passed; however, fans quickly noticed and realized that Maja Salvador, though a vengeful character, was not the main character of the show, but was in fact merely the supporting actress and to her own niece too.

When asked about it, Maja quickly responded though that she didn’t mind it at all. In fact, she was even extremely for Janella, having “top-billed a project”. It was all so fascinating for her and we could probably even say she felt proud.

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Camila? #TheKillerBride

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Emma. #TheKillerBride

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Maja added and emphasized as well that being a supporting character did not matter in any way at all as what was important was the fact that the story of The Killer Bride was just too good. What was really important was being a part of such a great project and getting to do her job right by portraying her character well. It was a statement truly well said by such a legendary actress like Maja Salvador.

If you haven’t watched The Killer Bride yet, check it out! It’s a show to die for.


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