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MayWard alert! Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are gearing up for “M.E. & U” concert and we’re all hyped up!

MayWard alert! Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are gearing up for “M.E. & U” concert and we’re all hyped up!

Heads up MayWard fans! Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are gearing up for their upcoming concert “M.E. & U” on September 27, 2019 and will be held at the New Frontier Theatre. An official poster has been released that will surely give you all the Kdrama feels and we’re all hyped up!

And just recently Star Magic, the training subsidiary of ABSCBN, that is responsible for the workshops and molding young talents and potential artist in the country, shared photos of Maymay and Edward’s dance rehearsal, you will see that MayWard are working hard for the highly anticipated concert.

Another appreciation post for this on-screen partner were shared by their Director Alco Guerrero who posted pictures of MayWard while having rehearsals. Dir. Alco also admire MayWard’s dedication when it comes to work and their impeccable chemistry which everyone loves about them. He posted a picture of MayWard where Maymay is playing guitar and both of them are singing, the director captioned “Today’s rehearsals [were] for a centerpiece number, one that would finally have Maymay and Edward play guitar and piano, respectively, and today, the dynamic of MayWard revealed itself in a whole different way.”

In another post, he also shared that in the midst of tiring and exhausted rehearsals, MayWard needs to chill and cheer up each other for them to keep going, “Another day of rehearsals for M.E. & U, this time for dance! This one was tiring for Maymay and Edward, as of course, things have to be better than before. They know it, there’s a quiet to them and a quiet in the room as they ask for run after run from Nesh. Maymay smiles a little less, looks to Edward with just enough enthusiasm to get him up again. Edward is even more quiet, thinking through the movements, the spots. You can hear both their brains working so hard it’s almost funny. But hey, early on I warned them that this show would tire them out like they’ve never been tired. How did both of them respond? They asked for more rehearsals. Lots more. That’s MayWard for you, understanding work and the heart and the dream of flight all over again ♥️ Get some rest kids!”, we can’t deny that even their Director is a MayWard fan too!

Make sure to buy your tickets and get your self ready for MayWard’s concert!

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