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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is making quite the noise when it comes to her beauty regimes and makeup. Just how could she not when she looks so flawless with it without having to put too many layers of beauty products? Luckily for everyone, her beauty secret isn’t really a secret anymore as her and her makeup artist had simply let the cat out of the bag for everyone to enjoy. So prepare your makeup kits girls as we let you in on the beauty behind being a true princess.

Step #1. Light-medium foundation.

Apparently, Meghan is the type of person who likes to let her freckles show. Talk about the confidence! This is why we love her even more. She shows many girls to just embrace who they are no matter what flaws they may have physically, emotionally, or mentally. Gosh, we are totally rooting for you, Meghan! She’s almost like a Disney princess. Well, she is a real royal princess anyway which makes it even better! Anyway, just as we were saying, Meghan likes her freckles seen so as for foundation, she only uses a really light one. In fact, she mostly picks makeup bases which work as moisturizers rather than concealers.

Step #2. Cream blushes.

Meghan Markle is really into cream blushes. To aim that Meghan Markle royal makeup look, pick a shade that’s twice as darker than your actual skin tone then brush it just below your cheekbones to give yourself that sophisticated Duchess of Sussex look.

Step #3. Shimmer.

One secret as to why Meghan just owns that natural enchanting look is the fact that she applies a highlighter stick to the top of her cheeks and just along her cheekbones. She also apparently applies some on the top of her nose.

Step #4. Eyebrows.

Get your brows to be as lit as Meghan’s with a brow cream. Yes, we are not even kidding. That’s literally all she does to her brows and we’re thinking you should most definitely too!

Step #5. Smoky Defined Eyes.

Ok, so this is the part we can tell that you’ve all been dying to know about. Well as you see in most of her gorgeous photos, Meghan pretty much wears smoky eyes, getting her eyes to look more defined and well, larger. If you’re thinking this makeup may not look as good on you as it does to our princess, we’re telling you now that it kind of pretty much works on everyone! And no, that isn’t a prank either so get your eyeshadow palette and blend a dark brown eye shadow between your eye line and its crease. After, finish the eye shadow with the lightest color in your palette on the inner corner of your eyes. Finally, she just puts on some simple smudging eyeliner to really get that defined eye effect.

Step #6. Eyelash Wonders.

After your eyes, work on your eyelashes. Get an eyelash curler and curl those wonderful lashes of yours. Then, of course, put on mascara. And yes, it is just as simple as that.

Step #7. Pink Lipstick!

Remember how we said on our previous posts how pink lipstick actually gives a fuller look? (If you haven’t seen this, might as well check it out here: Well, Meghan seems to think so as a pink shade of lipstick is the one she usually puts on. Maybe you should try it as well too.

And there you have it! The wonderful makeup secret of our beloved royal princess, Meghan Markle. Hope you enjoy and rock this royal tutorial. ‘Till next time!



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