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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Ended Their Marriage And It Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Ended Their Marriage And It Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

This might be one of the saddest days ever. Our favorite couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has ended their marriage. This. Can’t. Be. Happening. The news came in like a wrecking ball and our hearts wrecked into pieces!

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As much as we want to say that this news is just a dream, a representative for Miley Cyrus mentioned in an interview, “Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers. They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy.” This is just so SAD.
The rumors about this breakup started when Miley took a photo on her Instagram saying, “Mute me if you don’t want SPAMMED,” where people noticed that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Now that’s one important object not to notice.

Before this heart-breaking news, Miley Cyrus discussed her feelings of not fitting into a stereotypical wife role. “I think it’s very confusing to people that I’m married. But my relationship is unique. I don’t know that I would ever publicly allow people in there because it’s so complex, and modern, and new that I don’t think we’re in a place where people would get it,” she said. “I mean, do people really think that I’m at home in a f—ing apron cooking dinner? I’m in a hetero relationship, but I still am very sexually attracted to women.” Miley told Elle, “People become vegetarian for health reasons, but bacon is still f–ing good, and I know that. I made a partner decision. This is the person I feel has my back the most. I definitely don’t fit into a stereotypical wife role. I don’t even like that word.” she added on the interview.

Miley and Liam’s relationship started on the year 2009 at the set of the movie, “The Last Song” which was originally a book by Nicholas Sparks. Since then the two had this on and off type of relationship until their Malibu home was burned down due to California wildfires. Liam and Miley became closer and strong together. On December 2018, Miley and Liam decided to tie the knot in a very private and very intimate wedding. Though pictures of their wedding were shared through their Instagram accounts, a black and white picture of them embracing each other was posted. We couldn’t help but to continue to ship these two!

Liam and Miley remain silent about this sad news, but we still hope for the best for these two. For the meantime grab your tissues and join us as we rewatch , “The Last Song”, and cry our heart out.

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