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Mineral Makeup Is A Thing, But Is It Good For You?

Mineral Makeup Is A Thing, But Is It Good For You?

Makeup was always a huge thing in society, but more recently, it has become more than just a mere way to make one stand out more — it is now an essential. And with that established, a huge population of girls are wondering what type of makeup is actually good for their skin and with too many options, it’s just too difficult to choose. Even we have had a difficult time before, because let’s be fair, every girl goes through that phase whether they like it or not and be honest — while you were on the search for the best makeup ever you have come across almost convincing types of it, even going as far as using your own face as a test subject so now, before you repeat that act on the viral makeup we want to speak about, mineral makeup, we’re here to debunk it and truly search for the truth. Is it really good for your skin?

In order to effectively understand if it’s good, we need to know what it even is. Well, mineral cosmetics are forms of makeup that are just composed of pure minerals and don’t contain any oil or wax additives which also means that it could have beneficial health results for your skin, considering the absence of bad chemicals. Just by the definition, you could almost be convinced, but that just only leads us to our next question: exactly how good can minerals be good for your skin?

Apparently, from research, it really actually is true and here’s how: it works with the natural oils in your skin and doesn’t actually irritate your pores. In easier words, it still helps your skin breathe while managing to still make you even more gorgeous. So no, these cosmetics aren’t deceiving you. In fact, it’s actually the best type to ever exist according to the professionals. Like everything else though, this sort of has a catch.

Mineral makeup may not torture your face, but it actually doesn’t do anything for it either so if you have some acne or pimples, yeah, don’t let the mineral makeup do all the work. Doctors still prefer you to take prescribed pimple medications in order to get rid of the acne.

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So as a conclusion: yes, mineral makeup is good for you, but don’t use it to treat skin problems. Still consult a dermatologist! Mineral makeup isn’t the same as miracle makeup (if that’s even a thing).

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