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Miss World Philippines 2019 is No Other Than The Beautiful Michelle Dee

Miss World Philippines 2019 is No Other Than The Beautiful Michelle Dee

Did you know that the oldest running beauty pageant in the international stage is not Miss Universe? In 1951, a prestigious beauty pageant titled “Miss World” was created in the United Kingdom by Julia Morley. Together with other contests such as Miss International, Miss Earth, and of course – Miss Universe, Miss World stands as one of the most coveted beauty titles and biggest international beauty pageants in the world.

On the night of September 15, 2019, local beauty pageant Miss World Philippines was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. In this contest, a rightful queen shall be carefully chosen to represent our country in the prestigious Miss World competition. Among the forty beautiful Filipina candidates, Michelle Dee was officially crowned Miss World Philippines 2019. She also won several awards such as FILA Sportswoman, Miss Bench, Best Skin, Miss Myra E, Miss Bluewater Day Spa and Miss GCOX.

Michelle is a twenty four year old model and cousin of former Miss World Philippines Wynwyn Marquez. She started her career as a supermodel for retail giant BENCH/ in 2016. Today, she is also an actress under GMA Network. This beautiful lass got her looks from her equally gorgeous mother: the famous beauty queen Melanie Marquez.

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Michelle Dee isn’t just a face – she is a BS Psychology graduate of De La Salle University. She officially unveiled her chosen cause as children with special needs advocate on her 24th birthday. She revealed that she has two siblings with autism and believes that this world should stop forcing a certain reality to such members of our society. In fact, she visited a school for children with special needs in the suburbs of Sagada province together with the staff of Center For Possibilities, Inc. Michelle stated that it’s been five years since her advocacy started and she is proud to say that progress has been amazing ever since.

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