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Moana Is Ariel For ‘The Little Mermaid Live’!

Moana Is Ariel For ‘The Little Mermaid Live’!

I don’t think anyone can forget the wonderful girl who helped bring life to Moana back in 2017. And now that she’s back for more musical delight involving Disney, we just can’t help but tear up at how far she’s gone.

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This November 5 at America’s ABC channel, a live televised version of Disney’s classic, The Little Mermaid, is coming for us to enjoy and just gape in awe with such the spectacle. The televised musical will be a fusion of the original Disney classic and the Broadway version which has an addition of its own songs to it.

Starring in the lead role is Auli’i Cravalho, voice of Moana, who has willingly dyed her hair red to look the part of Ariel.

Source: Teen Vogue

The talented and legendary Queen Latifah on the other hand is the evil sea witch who takes Ariel’s voice as a price to Ariel’s desire to be human. Yes, you’ve got it! She’s Ursula.

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And with all this hype on who will be Prince Eric in the live action remake, it seems that The Little Mermaid Live! had no trouble finding their own as they found the intrigued prince in Graham Phillips.

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For our favorite red Jamaican crab, Shaggy has come to fill the part and honestly we’re more than excited for him to sing when Under The Sea comes rolling in and oh, even better, Kiss The Girl!

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Lastly, John Stamos is Chef Louis, Prince Eric’s chef who has quite the passion for cooking — seafood in particular.

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Jodi Benson, the original voice of Ariel, is also set to appear in the live spectacular that has been planned since 2017. I suppose it’s her appearance everyone’s mostly excited about!

Source: The Cheat Sheet

This live performance is said to give tribute to The Wonderful World of Disney brand which has been producing Disney specials throughout the years, celebrate The Little Mermaid’s anniversary, and serve as the “pre-launch promotional push” for a new streaming service coming to knock our world, Disney+, which will show all our favorite classic movies and shows and keep us as a part of Disney’s world.

Check out more of The Little Mermaid Live! with the teaser below!

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