Morissette Amon Clears Out Boyfriend Issue Made By Father Over Twitter

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Twitter heated up just recently and it wasn’t because of something spectacular, but rather, some sort of argument.

Amay Amon, Morissette’s father posted various rants on Twitter, seeming to ruin his own daughter’s image to the public while claiming that the singer is living in with her boyfriend. He constantly pulled off angry statements such as, “Question: What is the Tagalog for elope?”

A source close to Morissette defended the singer by saying that the singer wasn’t even living in with her boyfriend, Dave Lamar, but instead with her co-manager, Audie Gemora in an exclusive village as she couldn’t talk her father’s strict issues towards her, disliking her boyfriend so much to the point he even went as far as hurting his own daughter, slapping her. Morissette was quiet about this for her family’s sake until of course, this issue rose up.

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The source even added that Morissette has been doing everything for her family, especially her father who wasn’t even present during her life and only appeared when she became an extremely famous singer. The source also notes that during the whole time he could have been a father to her, he was with another woman.

The source ends his or her statement by saying that Morissette has been extremely supportive of her father and hopes her father will come round to realize that.


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