Murder Mystery’s Success Has Blessed Us With Another Adam Sandler Netflix Movie

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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler sure had us on the edge of our seats, internally screaming and externally laughing like a bunch of fools as they tried to solve a case as the naïve Mr. and Mrs. Spitz in what many people dub as the “surprisingly” successful Netflix movie, Murder Mystery. Well to be honest, even if many people somehow managed to not see the upcoming success of this film, for many of those whose days of entertainment revolve around Netflix (that sort of includes us — yeah, we sure are guilty as charged), it was the perfect mysterious plot and might we just add that the twists just had our minds spiraling, not sure what to believe anymore.

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They had truly left us wanting more and because of that, Netflix promises another Adam Sandler movie to be released around the Halloween time with a genre and perhaps even plot similar to Murder Mystery. And that’s not even the best thing about it, because Netflix has managed to make us incredibly happy after announcing that Adam Sandler’s SNL family will be in the movie as well, serving as his many co-stars and perhaps characters that we’ll have to watch out for once the promotion for the movie starts.

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Thank you @thewebbyawards! Had a great time!

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There isn’t much information regarding the movie other than this, but we might have to admit that that much information actually already has us reeling already and honestly, we just can’t wait. If only we could time travel to when the movie actually gets released. Too bad we can’t do that. Oh well, people have said that patience is a virtue. That may be the only thing we can do for now as we savor in the many possibilities of what this movie could be about.

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Safdie Brothers – 💎 UNCUT GEMS 💎

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In the mean time, if you haven’t watch Murder Mystery yet, we recommend you to! Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek!


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