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Nadine Lustre is giving us all the reason to feel “hot” in new photoshoot

Nadine Lustre is giving us all the reason to feel “hot” in new photoshoot

Nadine Lustre who just turned 26, went topless on a sizzling and captivating series of photo to celebrate her birthday on October 31. Series of photos has been shared by the celebrity photographer Dookie Ducay on Instagram. In one of the photos, Nadine went topless exposing her underwear and a pair of jeans as she sits with her arm to cover her chest. 

The next photos stunned us even more, as Nadine was seen wearing one-piece swimsuit, in her smoking hot pose on top of a high stool, exposing her well-toned physique! Like, OK the first photo is fairly enough though, but these photos are just hard to resist! Keep on slaying Nadz! Meanwhile, Dookie captioned these photos of his admiration for Nadine, “To the woman who continues to break the stereotype of being a Filipina leading woman. To the woman who embraced the skin she is in so every other morena can love her color too. To the woman whose ideals are progressive enough to always put the female on a pedestal. Happy birthday, @nadine” Dookie said.

Fans also send their birthday greetings to the Indak star and express their admiration for her stunning and sizzling photos. On the other hand, these photos of Nadine circulated online and, of course, went viral, people of the internet made a “#NadineLustreChallenge”, where they are trying to duplicate the sexy pose of Nadine atop of the stool. The “#NadineLustreChallenge” was accepted by many of netizens and upload it on their social media accounts, some of their photos are super on point and some are just so hilarious. Check out the photos!

Meanwhile our Birthday girl, Nadine is gearing up for her latest project as one of the judges in “Your Moment” alongside with performer Billy Crawford and King of the Talk show, Boy Abunda. 

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