Nadine Lustre Shares Story Of Her Fiery Birthday Photos

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Who could forget the fiery photos of Nadine Lustre shared by celebrity photographer Dookie Ducay? Well, we are sure that until now we still stan those photos of Nadine. Recently, Nadine Lustre finally shared the story behind the much talked about/viral birthday photos of her online. During the ABS-CBN Christmas station ID “Family is Forever” shoot last November 10, Nadine was interviewed and asked about the photos, she said that the photos were the idea of her makeup artist and photographer after an endorsement shoot she just finished.

“My makeup artist because that was after an endorsement shoot tapos sabi nila mag-fun shoot naman tayo saglit lang para may ma-post naman kami sa birthday mo. So ayon, si Dookie Ducay ‘yung photographer tapos si Jelly naisip niya ‘yun,” she said.

It was mentioned to Nadine that her photos became memes on social media and people made a #NadineLustreChallenge wherein people were challenged to imitate the pictures of Nadine, especially the topless one and the other one where she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit and jeans on a wooden stool.

“Ang saya, ako kasi mahilig po ako sa mga ganong mga memes, ‘yung mga ini-edit lalo na sa Facebook ang dami kasing ganon. Wala ang saya lang niya. Nakakatuwa siya hindi ako na-offend in any way. Pinakita ko (referring to James), natawa din siya,” Nadine said.

Currently, Nadine is one of the judges of the show “Your Moment” though being new as a judge, she is delighted for the good feedback she receives from the audience. “I’m really really happy kasi first time ko po mag-judge po eh . Kanina chineck ko po ‘yung comments and updates, mga photos, in fairness ang ganda naman ng feedback and everyone’s really happy. Kanina pagdating ko nagco-congratulate silang lahat and ‘yun nga maganda raw ‘yung show and I am really happy because this is something really new for me tapos for them na sabihin na okay akong mag-judge kahit na hindi pa ako ganon kagaling magsalita in public,” she stated.

We are rooting for you Nadine!


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