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Nail You’re Halloween Goals With These Spectacular Nail Art!

Nail You’re Halloween Goals With These Spectacular Nail Art!

There’s something about Halloween that just has us going creative with ourselves from head to toe. If you’d look at it at a certain perspective, it really is actually a day of art as you thrillingly wear your artsy costumes or take your artsy self to the Halloween balls or parties. And honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we’d even love to help you release your artsy side and nail your artsy look this summer, starting with none other than nail art!

Nail Art #1. Hotel Transylvania.

Could you be in love with a monster? Well whether you are or you aren’t, it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that does is that you love this movie!

Yes, “Hotel Transylvania” has been one of those funnily spooky movies that drove us mad as children, more so as teenagers, and now we’re obsessing over them as adults. This movie is seriously timeless and perfect for the Halloween season, so it’s no wonder why put this at the top of our list. It’s something you need to try ASAP. As in like now. Why? Simply because it’s too good!

Nail Art #2. Simple Halloween Colors.

It sure is not much of Halloween if you don’t include its colors! If Christmas is filled with red and green, occassionally blue and white, Halloween is filled with orange, black, white, and of course, more orange!

Drown yourself in the colors as you paint your nails with the pretty Halloween rainbow. Add a jack-o-lantern or two and even a skeleton? Then you’d be good to go!

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Nail Art #3. I Can See You.

Various eyes on us can be spooky enough (like that anxiety though), but eyes on our nails? That’s another level of scary and is mostly a whole lot more of creative. This nail art won’t ever let you down, because it’s got those Halloween vibes down right. Could there really be anything else that could amount to the beautiful creep level this has? Yeah, probably none.

Well, that’s all for those nail arts! We hope these three get you into the creative Halloween spirit with the occassion just around the corner! Sending lots of holiday cheers! Spooky holiday cheers, that is.

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