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Netizens Are Posting Things They Wish Their Crush Knew And Honestly, They Couldn’t Be Any More Relatable

Netizens Are Posting Things They Wish Their Crush Knew And Honestly, They Couldn’t Be Any More Relatable

We all know that feeling of having a crush. We’d walk through the hallways and when we’d see that person who makes us crazy in the best possible way, our sad days would turn into happy ones. Or maybe we’d just be super happy and fulfilled when our crush would talk to us. Or perhaps, just squeal in our pillow every time we think of him. Well, bottomline is is that our crush is someone who always makes us smile and truth be told, is also the very person who can make us feel sad or crushed, rather. After all, it is a one-sided love where those who are in love mostly just have to admire from afar and just wish their crush knew their deepest feelings inside.

Netizens on twitter have relayed those untold emotions and honestly, we don’t think they could be any more relatable. They’re just all so accurate! Here are 5e top five tweets we dubbed as the most relatable.

1. “I Tried To Uncrush You But I Ended Up Loving You.”

We all have those moments where we try to deny our feelings. We try to forget our crush, because we know how they just might not like us back — there just might not be a chance. Every time though we try to say, “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” (a little Hercules reference, right there), we end up falling for them more. Denying one’s feelings just don’t work now, don’t they?

2. “I Wish Confessing To You Would Be That Easy.”

We all wish confessing to our crush would be easy. We all hope he’ll return the feelings too. Let’s face it: that would be the best thing ever. But let’s also face reality: there’s a possibility he might not like you back. It’s a possibility that pretty much stops us from taking the risk, because we don’t want to get hurt.

3. “I Wish We Had A Chance, But We’re A Million Worlds Apart.”

We all know that feeling that we can’t go to our crush, because of boundaries. Perhaps he may like us back, but because some crazy standards, obstacles have been paved in the way of a possible relationship. We wish we could get through them, but there are times we doubt and just figure it might not work out.

4. “I’m Always Online, Because I’m Always Hoping You’ll Message Me — One Way or Another.”

There’s a reason why some of us are active on social media, because that could be the only place where we could interact with the person we love, especially when they like talking to us online or just happen to notice us online.

5. “All Those Little Things Is What Makes Me Fall In Love With You.”

As people in love, all those little things matter — all those little things make us happy or fall in love more with the person we so deeply admire. For us, it’ll always be all those little things.

Having a crush may drive us crazy or get us hurt, but admit it: they will always be one of the best memories we’ll have.

If you want to participate in twitter’s huge confession thing, post a tweet with the hashtag, “#AlamMoBaCrush”. Who knows, your crush might just notice you.

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