Netizens Go Crazy For Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Killer Bride’

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Us, Filipinos? We love watching ‘teleseryes’. It’s a known fact. Whether the show is in the morning or night, we always find a way of watching it. And when we have our favorite show, we always end up expressing our emotions for each episode on social media and that’s exactly what the fans of “The Killer Bride” did.

With the hashtag, “#TheKillerBrideRealityStrikes”, fans went crazy for the characters and storyline the episode had to offer. They went on to express their emotions caused by the intense series on social media. The reactions and appeal the viewers had to the show is incredibly entertaining to read.

One fan relayed his opinions over yesterday’s episode.

Another, praised Sam Concepcion for his performance.

Janella Salvador’s performance was also praised, especially since she has one of the most intense characters in the show.

A ton of fans even went crazy for Sam Concepcion and Janella Salvador, hoping they were the love team instead of Joshua Garcia.

A fan even lowkey mentioned how nice it would be to see Sam and Janella in a film adaptation of “I Love You Since 1892”, a Wattpad story which Janella did a photoshoot for for the book cover of the officially published version. Well, to be fair, it would definitely be nice to see them in the well-written story’s film version. We sure are looking forward to it!

The show was also praised for putting women in a great light. There sure is nothing like a good feminism point of view to look at the show!

One fan even dressed up as Emma, lowkey claiming she is the true killer bride. To be fair, her editing skills sure are on point!

Fans of “The Killer Bride” truly have a lot to say about the show. Well, could you blame them? The show is incredibly amazing, making you look forward to each episode. It was only Tuesday yesterday, but we bet the show has a whole lot more of intense scenes lined up for this week. We just can’t wait!

Watch “The Killer Bride” at 9:15 P.M., right after “The General’s Daughter”.


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