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Netizens Think Ariana Grande Is Dating Mikey Foster And Actually, Yeah, We Think So Too

Netizens Think Ariana Grande Is Dating Mikey Foster And Actually, Yeah, We Think So Too

Yes, folks. It looks like Ariana Grande has moved way past that “Thank U, Next” phase in her life. She’s done something better: she’s moved on. Or maybe has just added another boy to put on her list of exes, but hey, let’s hope for the best. This person could be different — if he was her boyfriend to begin with, that is.

Just recently, Ariana Grande just released a new song called “Boyfriend” and yes, if it didn’t sound any more obvious, we’ve kind of been suspecting those relationship vibes. Sure, they’re a couple in the video, but we figure we’re grown up enough to tell the difference between reality and well, you know, “acting”. And yeah, we sense a lot of reality kind of like how Spiderman can. We’re not the only ones though. Lots of people on the internet are crazy about it, theorizing how Ariana Grande may be in a relationship with Mikey Foster who is featured in the video. Ariana hasn’t given an official statement about it though, but let’s face it, we may not really need an official confirmation for the two. There’s probably a 99.99999999% chance they’re dating (and sure, we may be exaggerating). So of course, like what any other normal person would do at a situation like this, we found all the info we could on Ariana’s newest potential boyfriend.

Apparently Mikey Foster who hails all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is part of the duo Social House and is an American rapper. As Social House, he and his partner have been writing and producing music for greatly successful artists such as Jeniffer Lopez for one. This is probably why they know Ariana Grande who they have actually been friends with since early 2015. He’s also recently written a sweet birthday message for Ariana Grande on her Instagram, but other than that, that’s really all we’ve got.

So we may not know if they’re really dating or not or probably just good friends. We’ll tell you this before we finish this off though: they probably really are dating anyway.

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