Netizens Welcome The 1st of October And We Couldn’t Feel The Warmth of The Month More Than This

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Guess what day it is today! It’s the 1st of October and boy are we psyched for any event that may happen. Everyone else in the Philippines seems totally thrilled and overwhelmed with the month in every single way too as they constantly post how it’s “October na” on social media.

Some netizens own and claim October as their month, knowing bright things are in store for them for the next thirty days. Well, that certainly is one way to look at things. We’re all bound to hop this train of optimism right here!

Others are in it for the “trick or treat”, because hey, October means Halloween! Even if it IS by the end of the month, who cares? October = Halloween. Basic math, no? Yeah well even if it is otherwise, no one is stopping us from loving this month and celebrating Halloween as early as now.

Even if it isn’t the time to jolly or tricking and treating the netizens are into, it’s their birthday that they just can’t wait to celebrate, because we mean, who isn’t in it for the birthday? No one!

If it sure isn’t any of the above, netizens are hinting at their crush to be with them for the month. The month of love doesn’t ALWAYS have to be February y’know?

There are some though who are just hangin’ in on there from the stress, especially since it’s the UPCAT month. With that, we’d love to wish all those UPCAT takers well! You guys can do it! We believe in you!

Well, whatever October has in store for us, there’s one thing we know for sure: it’s time to wake up Green Day, because October is bringing us to a whole new world. How about you? What’s your October story?


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