OK. We Need To Say It. Chanyeol Still Rocks At Airport Outfits.

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If we could give Chanyeol a nickname, we’d give him the title of the “Airport King” and actually make it official. This isn’t because he’s great with planes and would be a nice pilot (if the pilot of the plane was Chanyeol though, we’d probably lose oxygen quickly — just imagine those visuals!), but because of the outfits he slays at the airport.

Just recently, he wore this lit outfit and all his fans are going crazy from the way he walked to the way he looked in the clothes he wore. We began squealing like a bunch of mad men, but hey, here are some pictures so you all could understand where we’re coming from.

Like honestly if he was in our high school back then, he’d be the only crush the girls would have.

Are you guys sure this is even candid? Because it sure doesn’t feel like it. He’s pretty much perfect in every angle. Casually checks again Yep. Perfect in every angle. Definitely.

Even his back is perfect. What side is this guy not? Honestly!

He definitely DOES need to calm down. Or rather we do too. Like seriously. But then again, how can we feel calm exactly? It’s Chanyeol! And he’s being his usual handsome and perfect self! No one can calm down! Someone call the FBI! Because we’re freaking out with how he stole our heart!

Yes, Chanyeol is amazing and we just love him. He’s definitely the king of airport styles! We can’t wait until the next time we see him slay at the airport! We need more of Chanyeol!


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