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Park Hae Jin Is Coming Back To Manila And We Can’t Help But Swoon

Park Hae Jin Is Coming Back To Manila And We Can’t Help But Swoon

Cheese In The Trap star, Park Hae Jin is coming back to Manila and we couldn’t be more excited! Park Hae Jin’s fan meet here will happen on September 26! Just looking at the news was swoon-worthy enough. Actually getting to see him face to face? That really is all a bonus! And getting to be on stage with him? A miracle basically. We might have to call all the angels in heaven for that to happen. While we wait for them to answer though, we could always just scream in a pillow as we bask in his gorgeousness.

Park Hae Jin had come to Manila a few months ago to shoot some scenes for an awaited Korean drama, entitled Secret. His management posted pictures of him on Instagram in the airport going to Manila and at the SM Mall of Asia.

With Manila to be showcased in the new Korean telenobela, we sure can’t help but be excited for it! It drove us to fall in love with the upcoming serye more even if Manila might only just be a few minutes in one episode. Who cares anyway? It’s cool that the Philippines gets to be showcased internationally from time to time.

Are you excited for Park Hae Jin’s fan meet and k-drama too? If so, share your thoughts on the matter and we could totally fangirl together!

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