PBB’s Lou And Andre Take A Vacation To Palawan

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Team LAYF was such a hit during the most recent PBB season and until now, they have kept the chemistry and fever even after the show — most especially Lou and Andre, a real-life couple that had gotten together during the course of the reality show. And now that the whole show’s been finished and the winners have been announced, the couple has decided to chill and relax, most particularly in Palawan as of now.

Fans are going crazy for pictures, asking the couple to post new ones. Well, could we blame them? Even we’re going crazy for it! Their former pictures were just too cute! This couple is literally goals and no one can change our minds. They’re literally perfect for each other and we’d rejoice over their pictures over and over again to be fair or honest.

Fans have also been wishing them well on their trip and vacation, hoping they enjoy every single second of their fun time. We also hope they enjoy every single moment most especially since it’s Palawan, one of the best provinces in the Philippines! It sure is a sight to see and with Lou and Andre there, obviously it would become even more of a pleasant sight. And we love that fact!


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