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Period Cramps Hurt — We Get It So Here Are Some Tips To Deal With That

Period Cramps Hurt — We Get It So Here Are Some Tips To Deal With That

A girl’s red days are the worst days to ever happen. It’ll make you feel like your nightmare crawled out to real life to haunt you for the next three to four days. It’ll make you want to scream and cry dramatically. It’ll make you crazy enough to eat all the food you could find and maybe become slightly aggressive. OK. Maybe those statements are enough to make you remember that horrid pain even if they could be a bunch of total understatements, because let’s face it, there is no word or phrase on this universe that could ever describe the wrenching pain of a period so here are a few pictures to help us with that (a picture is worth a thousand words after all):

And since we bet nobody ever really wants to live with that pain, here are a bunch of tips for you so that your period cramps can finally move on and let you go.

Tip #1. Lie Down And Lay That Nice Heat Pad On Your Stomach. Classic Move That Is Still Guaranteed To Help You In These Troubled Times.

We don’t know how many times you might have heard of this tip from your mother, school, or local community, but if you got annoyed listening to them, we’re telling you now that you better do it anyway, because it’s true. This tip will guarantee to help you get those nasty period cramps away from your life forever. (OK maybe that’s a little bit too exaggerated. Maybe like just for the month.)

Tip #2. Cleanse Yourself With A Nice Warm Bath.

It’s completely normal to feel dirty when you’re on your period. Trust us, we’ve been there and felt that. So if you have period cramps and want more than a heating pad to treat it, you can take a nice warm bath. Perhaps being in a tub would be real nice just if you couldn’t stand standing up in a shower since well, cramps are also secret evil villains who love messing up with our posture. But, if you’re “womanly” enough to deal with the situation and want to get yourself nice and clean then yes, you can use the shower especially if you don’t even have a tub. Like we always say, you do you.

Tip #3. Keep On Drinking Water. And By This, We Mean Every Single Minute You Can.

Water is like a great hero to speed dial during this situation, but mind you, if you want to use water, you’re going to have to make sure to drink it all the time or at least as much as you can considering the fact that it isn’t really the water that’s making your period cramps go away. It’s the bloating. So yes, drink lots of water to get really bloated.

Tip #4. Chocolates! Yep, This Tip Will Make You Love Your Periods.

Yes! Your period days can now officially be your scheduled cheat days. This is weird, but we feel like this tip might actually make you look forward to the very period you used to hate.

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How does chocolate even really help, you ask? Well this may sound crazy (not that this already is), but chocolates have those nutrients that can help lessen those annoying cramps. They also have happy hormones which can help you get rid of your “beastly” mood.

Tip #5. Massage Yourself And Give Yourself Some “Me” Time.

This is the best thing to do when your period cramps happen at the end of the day and can also help lighten the mood your period always aims to hit rockbottom. Make sure you relax and massage that part that hurts a lot. After this, you’ll feel better and your cramps will be long gone.

And these are the tips we have researched and made sure were one hundred percent guaranteed to make your period hurt and annoy you less. Who knows? Maybe when you follow all these tips, you’ll start to like your periods and use it as the perfect little excuse to give you your “me time”.

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