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Popeyes, One Of The Newest Fast Food Chains Everyone’s Digging. Should You Give In To The Pressure Too?

Popeyes, One Of The Newest Fast Food Chains Everyone’s Digging. Should You Give In To The Pressure Too?

A new fast food chain has come to the Philippines! And well, it’s actually more of a comeback. Popeyes had come to the country before, but things didn’t turn out good — not until now, that is.

With its comeback a few months ago, everyone has been all over it. And now, just recently, with a new branch in Alabang Town Center and another to be opened at SM Southmall, Popeyes seems to be dominating the fast food chain industry in the country. I guess business can be sweeter the second time around.

When I discovered this, I knew I had to give it a try. There was no way I could leave any fast food chain unturned, especially when it came to one that looked rather promising. So as I decided to give it a taste test, I realized that there was a reason why there were long lines of people waiting outside. It’s simple, really, because other than it’s new and hip, it’s the food that has gotten everyone together. The food that I’d seriously love to share with you! Because just recently, I’ve got to line up at Popeyes, bask in its gorgeous interior design, and get a taste of the food everyone’s been talking about!

Here’s my honest reviews on the food I’ve tried.

1. Their Burgers — Mostly the Chicken French Quarter One. It’s Something You Should Really Give Into. I Mention This First On Our List, Considering It’s A Personal Favorite (Plus It’s Huge — No Jokes or Tricks).

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in this world, it’s burgers. I just love burgers and I would give anything to have them. I could eat burgers from different fast food chains for 24 hours. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried almost all the burgers that are out there to offer too from Burger King to McDonald’s. There’s no way I could leave any burger untasted so when Popeyes had come to the Philippines, I knew one thing. I. Had. To. Take. A. Bite. Of. That. BURGER. So I did. One that caught my eye was the Chicken French Quarter, the first and only Popeyes burger I’ve tried so far. It was certainly one that left a mark and certainly one I would be going to Popeyes again for. Why? Well, because it was a taste of heaven.

Just picture this: you get your box, you open it, and your eyes suddenly turn wide, because it’s a frigging big burger. It’s probably the biggest burger I’ve seen being offered in the Philippines (and exclude those restaurants who really promise those humongous burgers, because this one didn’t necessarily have to be, but it was anyway). It was crazy fat. It’s the type you’re not sure would even fit in your mouth and I’m not even exaggerating! But then again, well, my mouth is pretty small anyway, but yeah. You get it anyway, don’t you?

Moving on though, when I took a bite, it was like all the different flavors were having a party in my mouth. There was that beautiful chicken, the lettuce, the sauce — you know, anything you’d see in a burger — and best of all, it had what other mainstream fast food chains didn’t have to offer: frigging bacon strips. Seriously, I’m in love!

And yeah. You must be looking through this post, thinking, “Wow. That’s very… Descriptive.” Well I had a lot to say about a burger, all right?

I’m not over yet though. We’re only just beginning.

2. That Hot, Gorgeous… Spicy Chicken. What? It Was A Beauty!

It might be weird to just jump over to the spicy version of the chicken without having to try the original one, but I’m a freak for spicy food, OK? I live for it. So I just had to order this gorgeous thing called a chicken — a spicy chicken.

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t think it’d be spicy as it actually was? Don’t blame me though. There were other fast food chains I’ve tried with chicken that didn’t even satisfy my spicy crazed taste buds so yes, (I know I’m crazy) my expectations were rather low. They heightened up though when I got to taste it.

As a chicken enthusiast, there can only be a few things in chicken that can make me happy. That would be: juicy meat, crunchy chicken skin, and a really spicy flavor on it (a characteristic I exclusively search for in spicy chicken). And yes, you’ve most probably guessed it, Popeyes got a perfect 10 out of me for having all of that on their chicken. That’s some perfectly cooked chicken right there, folks. And if you dip it on the gravy? Oh gosh. It’s a taste to behold. Actually, I think I’m getting rather hungry right now.

I may have to be honest though that there were some negative things regarding its taste value. Taste-wise, I’d give it a 7, since though it was cooked amazingly, it didn’t really stand out when it came to its taste. I even remember it being a bit salty. It wasn’t a big deal, but it didn’t really win my heart a hundred percent.

3. The Fries!!! We All Love Fries, I Know We Do.

Fries is another thing I can’t help but give in to. This is the true food I can’t live without. Forget burgers and chickens. Fries is the bae. Fries is my bae. Having tried tons of different fries, I knew I had to give Popeyes version a try and I might have to say that as a fries addict, it wasn’t that bad.

I mean, it wasn’t really that special, but it was fries. And I was happy with it.

4. The Biscuits! Yes, Popeyes Most Famous Dish!

Gobble up all the food you want in Popeyes, but I’m telling you. You really can’t leave the place without giving their biscuits a try. I tried out their chocolate covered, white chocolate covered, and simple honey biscuit (the original one).

I’ll have to say, I was surprised. I was sort of expecting this donut type of flavor. Maybe even the flavor of cookies I taste at birthday parties, but I didn’t really get that. I got this surprisingly savory and sweet taste put into one. It was a creative masterpiece that I don’t think I can ever get out of my mind ever.

I may have to confess though that I sort of ate the biscuits wrong. I didn’t realize I had to dip it in gravy. I had only found out by the time I had finished all three pieces. Woops indeed. I may have to keep that in mind for the next time I visit (which I definitely will).

Overall, I’m happy to report that eating at Popeyes was a great experience you totally deserve to feel too! The food is amazing, the servers are nice, and the interior design is a blast. So come on down and stop by!

Well, that’s it for the reviews! Hope y’all enjoyed it and I hope you all visit Popeyes when you have the time! Tell us about your experience and maybe send us a message!

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