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Procrastination Is An Enemy — Here Are The Top Three Solutions To Save You From “The Dark Side” of Work

Procrastination Is An Enemy — Here Are The Top Three Solutions To Save You From “The Dark Side” of Work

Got some homework? Have to study? Got to read a lengthy book for a report? If you are anything like how I was back in junior high school, you would most probably procrastinate. If this is so, you may want to stop right now, because your life won’t be going anywhere with that attitude.

“But how exactly can procrastination harm someone? Did your life get all messy because of it?”

First thing’s first, procrastination didn’t necessarily harm me. It doesn’t go out to hurt you like some sneaky stalker or whatever. It’s kind of like a poison for your life. The minute you would say, “Hey, I’ll just check my Twitter (or whatever social media account you may have in mind) for like five minutes,” trust us, it isn’t going to be only five minutes. Procrastination takes your time just as it had taken mine back then. Instead of focusing on academics, I had put my attention mostly in my hobbies such as writing stories or drawing, telling myself I’d study “later” which apparently led to procrastination.

Though my academics didn’t exactly suffer as I managed to be part of the honor roll upon the moving up ceremony, that doesn’t mean that procrastination isn’t going to affect you in a big way. You may say that you’re just like me, but just to be safe, it’s better to not do it. As a student, train yourself to not procrastinate so that in your career, you’d have the one thing procrastinators don’t have: focus. If you’re working already, train yourself this instant, because the workplace is no place for a procrastinator. If you’re at a loss though, not knowing exactly where to start, we have got you covered. If there’s anything we can’t stand, it would be a clueless person who wants to change their habits so here we are feeding you with the very information you may need and don’t worry, because these are recommended by certified psychologists so it’s most definitely guaranteed to work out. So hopefully, by the end, you’d be able to absorb and use all the information to change your procrastinator attitude.

Before we proceed though, here’s a quick trivia. Did you know that people procrastinate, because they fear failure? It’s weird to know that, considering we’ve always thought procrastinators are just lazy beings, but apparently that’s not exactly what’s to it. Procrastinators want to keep themselves safe so in order to not experience failure, they just don’t do anything and simply say, “I’ll do it later.” If you’re not agreeing to do this as a procrastinator, trust us, this is true and studied by psychology itself. The reason why you may not feel it is because it’s actually what you mainly feel deep inside. Humans don’t know everything about themselves. It takes psychology to have them figured out. We’re basically like a puzzle, like really. Now in order to get rid of that feeling of failure, let’s go on with the solutions now, shall we?

Solution #1. Stop Saying “It’s Just A Simple Task”, Because Simple Might Turn Complicated — That Won’t Get You Anywhere.

“It’s just a practice. I’ll study it at school.”

“It’s just a typing job. I can do it later.”

Stop that “It’s just” attitude! You may think “it’s just” that when in reality, it can result to much more. In order to change that, convince yourself that it isn’t just a simple task, it’s an important one. By then, we’re sure that your habits will slowly start to change.

Solution #2. “I’m The Type Who Works Under Pressure.”

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Don’t go with the flow. You have to figure yourself out. If all your friends go good with the pressure, you don’t have to pressure yourself to be like them. If you can’t work last minute and come up with outstanding results, procrastination isn’t for you. Plan ahead and work well. Doing that won’t make you a loser, we promise.

If you’re otherwise though, you can always do that too, making sure though that you won’t be jeopardizing your life.

Solution #3. “I Just Don’t Want To Work.”

We all have those moments: not wanting to work, because well, we just don’t want to. Should there be any other reason? Not really, but there should be a solution. Know how to compensate with the time you lost from procrastinating. Give yourself a limited amount of time to do fun stuff then double the time for work or studies.

Here are all the solutions. They may seem short, but they really go a long way in changing your life and habits. Who knows? You might even be able to achieve more by doing so.

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