Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Not Wear Makeup

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If you’re someone who’s just not into makeup, don’t think of it as a bad thing. There are also benefits you can get from not applying makeup at all to your face and trust us, it’s going to make you breathe and embrace your non-loving makeup self.

Reason #1. Your Skin Can Breathe And Not Suffer From Those Maddening Toxins.

Your skin will legit see as your savior and thank you for considering her welfare, because makeup, though a work of art and something satisfying to look at, isn’t really as relieving as what you might think. Putting it on for too long can block those pores and invite acne to a pimple party on your face. Something that’s just not really ideal.

Reason #2. #NoFilter Is Going To Be Your New Obsession.

Wearing no makeup will give you an opportunity to embrace your natural self. It’s a good exercise and is something that would most definitely improve your self-esteem of that’s one part of yourself you’re seeking to improve.

Reason #3. You Can Save Time And Not Spend All Morning Dealing With It.

Makeup can take away time and get you annoyed, most especially if you’re not a complete fan which is totally understandable.

Reason #4. Your Youth Won’t Go Away Easily — “Peter Pan, Is That You?”

The lesser you put makeup on, the younger you can look. If not wearing makeup is putting you down, chill. Think about the bright side: your youth is going to be here to stay — for realsies.

If you’re the type who loves makeup though, don’t feel down with these reasons. Truth be told, it really doesn’t matter whether you like makeup or not. What’s important really is to feel good in your own skin and feel confident by doing things that you love.


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