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Red Velvet Just Ranked Number One In The September Girl Group Rankings

Red Velvet Just Ranked Number One In The September Girl Group Rankings

Red Velvet is such a precious girl group. The got us dancing to “Dumb Dumb”, “Russian Roulette”, “Bad Boy”, and well actually all their other songs. They had us falling in love with their cute attitudes, awesome dance moves, and sweet behavior towards their fans. With this, it’s absolutely no surprise if they have just ranked as top one in the September girl group rankings across Korea. Let’s face it: they’re all just too talented and we had sort of expected this to happen one way or another anyway. Even if we did though, we still can’t help but scream with the most absolute joy!

Fans across the world and the Philippines most especially have relayed all those feelings and might I say we feel exactly what they feel. Here’s a little appreciation post for one of the greatest Korean girl bands in history.

Red Velvet are just amazing queens! They’re the queens of queens to be honest. Just as @RedVelfest said. They’ve got “QUEEN BEHAVIOUR”!

Queen behavior because hey, they treat everyone like family. And by everyone, we also mean their juniors.

They’re also really talented with makeup and dance. Just check this out:

Their voices are also incredibly exceptional. We’ll have to hand them that. When is there voice not good though? They always hit those high notes so well!

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They’re also not afraid to look back at their past selves. Such humble people!

Really, Red Velvet is just too awesome! And we love them with all our hearts! Congratulations on becoming top 1 Red Velvet!

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