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Remember Charlie Bucket In ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’? Yeah. He’s Hot Now.

Remember Charlie Bucket In ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’? Yeah. He’s Hot Now.

The Tim Burton version of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a classic movie very well known to the 90s and early 2000s generation (and we’re totally included in that in case you all didn’t know). Like any other kid, we bet you were wondering how cool that factory was, how you wish you could taste the sweets, and how sort of cute the actor who plays Charlie is. We even bet that as you’re reading this now, you’re wondering, “Oh yeah. What did happen to that Charlie guy?” Well, we’re more than glad to take you to a trip down memory lane and shock you with the present.

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Freddie Highmore was the name of the actor who played the iconic role of Charlie and countless other iconic roles too. He was one of the greatest child actors of his time and people could just never forget that charming child. Thankfully, the young actor stayed grounded and didn’t catch up to that Hollywood craziness like all other stereotypical young actors. Oh and can we mention that he looks undeniably attractive now?

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Yeah, you probably might have figured that out. If not, we’re glad then to have given you the greatest shock of your life.

So, we’re guessing that the next thing on your mind is this: what is he doing now? And no, he’s not a doctor as you might think from the picture above.

Well Freddie had come from university, studying both the Spanish and Arabic language. He then starred in the series, Bates Motel, and now the American version of The Good Doctor which we highly recommend you watch.

Honestly, it’s amazing to see that Freddie Highmore is doing great in both his personal life and career. We can’t wait to hear more from him, really! He’s just too good! Probably even too good for this world.

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