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Reminisce your childhood memories with the Butter Ball flavored soft serve

Reminisce your childhood memories with the Butter Ball flavored soft serve

Heads up 90s babies! If our favorite artist, celebrities and loveteam are gearing up with their comeback our favorite snacks, food and candies are coming back to reminisce our childhood memories. Who will forget our favorite Filipino candies by the way? These snacks and candies are part of our growing up days and these will be our ultimate all time favorite! Nothing compares the simple joy of savoring these sweets with our uncomplicated our life as a child back then so get ready your sweet tooth and feel nostalgic for a major comeback of Peter’s Butter Ball Candy!

Yes, you read that one right! The Lost Bread, known for their revolutionary milkshakes and their unique dessert concept that specialize in soft serve, ice cream, milkshakes and French toast cubes, will bring us back to our childhood days. This concept store is serving us and satisfying our sweet tooth for 4 years now and recently they are offering 90s candy-flavored soft-serve and we couldn’t be happier! From the famous Chocnut and the milky Haw haw soft serves they are now finally innovating one of our favorite candy Peter’s Butter Ball, its luscious sweet caramel goodness will linger into your taste buds not in a candy form but an ice cream.

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They also have Craft You Own Soft-Serve Bar, where you can personalize your own soft-serve by adding toppings that you like. You can add caramel popcorn and sprinkles to elevate your Butter Ball soft-serve experience and the best part is it will only cost you P 95, now that’s a treat!


The latest flavor of butter ball from The Lost Bread will be available starting October 15, 2019 and the thing is it will be available for a limited time only! So, mark those calendars and get ready to bring back sweet childhood memories while enjoying your Butter Ball soft-serve!

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