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Sandara Park and Lia Kim are slaying a dance cover of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Do”

Sandara Park and Lia Kim are slaying a dance cover of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Do”

Sandara Park known as Dara is a South Korean singer and actress was first discovered on a talent show Star Circle Quest in 2004 and made a successful career in singing and acting here in the Philippines before going back to South Korea in 2007. Dara made a debut in 2009 as a member of the most sought after all girl K-pop group called 2NE1. Since then Dara’s career in singing, acting and dancing were recognized and known not just by Filipinos and Koreans but the entire world.

Recently, Dara proves her on point and dope dance moves on her latest dance cover, with the song popularized by Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Do.” Dara shared it on her YouTube channel called Dara TV with the famous Korean hip-hop dancer and choreographer Lia Kim. Lia is the co-founder of 1 Million Dance Studio as the head choreographer, she is also known for her explicit hip-hop dance moves and tied a knot as a choreographer of JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and LEON Entertainment. To name some, Lia Kim also choreographed the famous dance steps of our favorite K-pop groups such as Girls Generation, 2NE1 and ‘TWICE.

Dara teased the fans with video clips of the behind the scenes of the dance cover with a caption, “My 1st ever dance video!!! Coming soon!!!”

Dara is also expressing to her followers on Instagram and YouTube channel to expect that she will be uploading music-related videos and dance covers, “What’s next?! I really have plans of uploading music-related videos. Like me singing, playing my guitar or playing the drums. #daratv I hope you continue supporting me and all of my activities!!! Thank you Blackjacks!!!”

And if you haven’t seen the latest dance cover by Dara and and Lia Kim, here’s the talk of the town dance cover.

Keep slaying Dara!

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