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Say No To a Toxic Relationship! Find Out If You’re In One Now

Say No To a Toxic Relationship! Find Out If You’re In One Now

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you feel suffocated? Out of place? Feeling like the two of you weren’t even meant to meet in the first place? That’s OK. We all have those moments — getting into a relationship we totally regret. It doesn’t mean though that when we’re in it, all we can do is feel sorry for ourselves. That’s a huge NO, because honey, ain’t nobody in this world is a martyr. This is the real life. If you feel suffocated, try to sort things out with your partner and don’t just sit in a corner and stay quiet while you’re killing yourself softly or you could also just leave him, because hey, if you’re in a toxic relationship, there really is no reason to stay anymore.

If you’re the type of person who isn’t really sure whether you are in one or not though, then we’re here to help you. Here are the signs to find out if you’re in a toxic relationship which we found all over the net and gathered from personal experiences (we also have little notes after each sign to warn you to change if you see that you’re the “killer” in this relationship):

Sign #1. Your Partner Doesn’t Cheer You On and Instead, Hates You and Your Success.

Basically, in other words, this sign means that if your partner is insecure, you better leave him behind.

Not being equal mentally or physically or even career-wise should not be able to hinder your relationship from growing. In fact, if should make it stronger. If your guy can’t accept that, then maybe he doesn’t have to be your guy after all.

Note: If you’re this person though, we may have to advise you to change.

We bet all your partner really wants is for you to support him as he does so to you. After all, you chose him to be with you so in turn, you need to accept who he is and what he does. And also, is being successful in your eyes even a fault? For all you know, he’s doing it for you. If you really can’t bring yourself to accept though then you may want to have to break up with him before your envy kills you both.

Sign #2. Changing Your Opinions Because Your Partner Wants You To Follow Him? Yeah, We Don’t Think So.

Changing your opinions to please anyone is never a good thing. Really, we’re calling out to all those people who do. It may turn out fine at first, but we’re telling you that in the long-run? Things just aren’t going to be pretty.

Changing your opinions would mean changing a huge part of you and always remember that there’s no other thing sweeter thing in this world than being yourself.

Note: If you’re the one who can’t accept your partner’s opinions, then maybe you’re going to have to change perspective. You can’t just make them constantly be in your shadow the whole time. That’s just not cool, OK? They’re their own person. They have their own mind. Make them think for themselves! If you can’t, then you’re going to have to end the relationship. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Sign #3. “I Just Think You Deserve More Than Me” Is The Most Romantic Statement of The Century… Not.

We can’t count how many times people in movies have said that quote and to be honest, when they put it in that way, it’s kind of cute, but going “I love you, goodbye” in real life just because you think you’re not good enough? Yeah, not so much.

If your partner says this too much then he has low self-esteem which isn’t a good thing for someone to have when in a relationship. If this happens, you may want to have to tell him to fix himself first before he comes back to you again and thinks that you truly deserve him just as how you’ve always known it. Make sure you explain it thoroughly and tell him that you’re only doing this for him which is actually 100% true (or at least as we hope).

Note: Always remember that when committing yourself into a relationship, you need to have the following: a good and sincere heart, money, stableness, and a high self-esteem. That last one may seem weird, but when people of the past had said, “Love yourself before you love anyone else,” it was actually true, because you hating yourself or your low self-esteem may lead to the downfall of your relationship.

Sign #4. He Pulls The “My Ex Is Way Better Than You” Card.

Exes are former flames. And by former, they also mean as things that shouldn’t be talked about, because we buried those memories ten feet under our brains and alive too. OK maybe we went a little bit too dark there, but hey, we’re just saying that exes shouldn’t be discussed especially if you’re in a new relationship so if your boyfriend constantly brings the subjects of his past up you’re in big trouble. Oh and when he constantly tells you that his ex was way better too? You’re in definitely much bigger trouble. Our advice for this issue? Break up with him right away and yes, we mean at this instant.

Note: If you’re the one who pulls this card. Change, please. We beg of you. No person on this planet wants to have to live up to the expectations of one’s former flame. And besides, if your ex was so good, why don’t you just go back to him? #JustSaying

Sign #5. He Gets Jealous Which Is Way Different From Being “Jelly” Mind You.

There are times where we just can’t help but say, “Oh yeah. My boyfriend gets jealous from to time,” while swooning and falling for him more at the same time. Yeah, if this happens too much, you may have to quit swooning anytime soon, because your boyfriend may be jealous to the point of being “controlling”. How you may ask? Good question and here’s the answer to that!

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Being the cute way of jealous which we’d like to call “jelly” is just when the guy thinks that the other guy you’re with is way more cooler and tries to act as his way of cooler to impress you. To paint a picture in your mind, we’d like to give Chris Pratt’s Marvel character as an example. You remember that time Star- Lord imitated Thor’s voice to impress Gamora, because she thought it was appealing? Yep, that’s exactly how a jealous guy acts.

Now if he’s controlling, he’ll be jealous to the point he wants you to limit your social life in extreme ways. Not cute, yeah? Yeah, of course. It’s just as how we said. If this is so, kindly leave him and breathe.

Note: If you’re the controlling one in the relationship, just stop. It isn’t good for both you and your partner. You’re just going to be sad for the rest of your lives. If you really care for him, you’d trust him. If you see him really being disloyal to you, then you don’t have to stay with him and control his social life. Just leave him and move on. It may be difficult, but it’s the best for the both of you, most especially you. Sure, people deserve second chances and forgiveness is always important, but it’s best to let people change for themselves and also for the other people who will walk into their lives.

Sign #6. Your Parents and Majority of Your Friends Don’t Like Him.

This is important. We’ve personally known people who thought they knew better than their friends or parents because they were in the relationship and ended up realising that their loved ones were all actually right. Never think that you know a lot better than others. Your friends and most especially your parents may have experience so when it comes to a guy you may be with, they know when something bad’s ensuing — something really bad. They have also known you for a long time and may know what’s best for you more than you could ever realise. So please. Just listen!

P.S. Make sure that this is majority of your friends and family who don’t like your partner.

An Extra Sign – A Little Something After The Break Up. He’s Moved On Quickly and Is Seeing Someone Else.

When you break up from your toxic ex and you see him with someone new, don’t get jealous and cry in a corner with a pint of pistachio ice cream in hand (though we may have to admit, it does sound tempting to eat one). If your now ex boyfriend does this, he’s just trying to get in your nerves or is just very desperate to get into a relationship to make him feel better about himself. Yep, as much as we hate to admit it, but there are people like that. And he could be one of them.

Though you sure may feel down about it, it’s fine. It’s normal. And a little tip? You don’t have to rush in moving on. To feel better, just eat a pint of pistachio ice cream without thinking about your ex and just loving yourself for a change. You deserve it. After all, you’ve been through one crazy relationship.

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