Selena Gomez Is A Fashion Queen And That Is A Fact

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Selena Gomez has been a huge part of my childhood. With Disney channel, it basically left like I was growing up with her and I’m sure all of us felt the same way. In fact, I suppose many of us loved her so much that we even followed her career outside of Disney.

We watched her mature in the music industry, love, and even fashion.

Let’s take a look at Selena’s lovely fashion journey and maybe cry a bit from happiness, because our girl has achieved so much right after Disney days.

Selena always rocked the most simple outfits. She showed simple can be frigging beautiful as she smiled with her long curly hair back in 2013, happy as ever.

No one can ever forget how Selena stole the show with her purple gown during her first MET gala. It was a precious moment we couldn’t just forget. It deserves to be remembered, because besides making a mark in the show business industry, she also made a mark in the fashion industry.

Another fashion mark she made in the year of 2014 was at a Gucci event. She just absolutely sparkled in her silver gown.

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In 2015, Selena mesmerized everyone in an oversized shirt and jeans with her still long curly hair. She was as pretty as ever as she slayed the trend effortlessly.

It’s times like these we all wish we were like Selena. *sigh*

On the good side though, Selena has always been empowering women to make them know the fact that they look beautiful anything, most especially as themselves.

It’s a little reminder that we don’t have to be like the Selena we see on screens and photoshoots, we just need to be ourselves.

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My cast mates – Hotel Transylvania 2 ❤️

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Even before Catriona Gray showed us red lava gowns were a thing, Selena Gomez had already showed the world red is such a gorgeous color as she walked down the red carpet premiere of the Hotel Transylvania sequel in 2015.

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restock the bus -grocery shopping in Saskatoon

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By 2016, Selena upgraded her oversized shirts look to oversized polos and shorts with a messy bun hairstyle.

This is probably my favorite classic fashion trend of the 21st century which Selena totally slayed. She just looked so beautiful here. This picture is incredibly timeless.

At the end of 2016, Selena made leather jackets a fashion statement and what was great about this was that she literally just put it on her shoulders. It’s quite a fancy way to wear something rock-ish. Love it!

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Wolves is out now! 🐺🐺

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2017 was a crazy year as we found Selena cutting her hair short after having broken up with none other than Justin Bieber. It shocked the world, but still made us fall in love with her short curly hair.

They eventually got back together again though later in the year.

Selena’s all black minimalist look made us all fall in love with her more as her style began to become more mature and even more fashionable than ever.

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Made her more of a woman.

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Now, we’re up to Selena’s current Lose You To Love Me era and we just love how her outfit in the music video was beautiful.

The message of the song was also beautiful. With people saying that this seems of some sort of “diss” to Selena’s former flame, Justin Bieber, I see it more as a love song for herself as she looks way happier than before.

We love you Selena!

Go check out Selena’s latest music videos that came out last month below and enjoy her new stylish looks!


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