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Shout Out To Oil-bularyos Out There: Check Out These Amazing Body Oils Below P230!

Shout Out To Oil-bularyos Out There: Check Out These Amazing Body Oils Below P230!

Keeping your skin moisturized could be a challenge to some as it takes dedication and patience to achieve this. When it comes to maintaining a healthy skin, the first thing that probably pops out of your mind is applying body lotion. But did you know that lotions tend to rub off quickly and could leave your skin dry again in a matter of hours, requiring you to reapply again and again?

So here’s the little secret – body oils! This wonder product will not only provide smooth, well-moisturized skin but also help you relax and improve overall health. To get started, let’s get this straight first: body oils will not leave your body feeling greasy and sticky, as most people usually think. Most women are intimidated by rubbing oils in their body as they think it’s messy and may cause breakouts. The truth is, body oils actually soak deep and quick into your skin and leave it moisturized all day long! Yes, you heard that right – there is absolutely no need to reapply every now and then! Read on to find out the best body oils that you could try and add to your beauty routine.

The Tropical Shop Natural Body Oil (P150)

Because of a food and beverage company’s mission to practice zero waste management as part of their manufacturing process, they decided to convert unused fruit and herb extracts into a natural personal care product line and named it “The Tropical Shop”. This means that their products are 95-100% natural. This body oil will help condition and nourish your skin in an affordable price of P150!

The Oil Republic Neroli Oil (P175)

Inspired by the healing power of nature, Oil Republic offers pure and natural essential oils guaranteeing a lot of benefits that will restore life-giving elements not only to your skin but also to your senses. These oils have quite a number of uses: from reducing headache by taking a whiff to treating breakouts by applying a few drops to affected areas. It can also be diffused in the air to create a relaxing environment. And the best part – it’s only P175!

The Happy Organics Lavender and Green Tea Body Oil (P200)

The Happy Organics is devoted in providing high quality and budget-friendly products from head to toe that are a hundred percent natural. Apply this oil directly to your skin to achieve a revitalized state of mind and body. Grab yours now for only P200!

Re-gen Oil (P225)

Re-Gen oil is a form of skin treatment that effectively fights scars, blemished skin, stretch marks, and dry skin. It restores suppleness and locks moisture in to your skin, lessens dark spots, and smoothens out stretch marks – just the right magic to achieve flawless and even complexion. Grab one for only P225!

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