Sophie Turner Channels The Ex of Her Husband, Joe Jonas With Her Dress

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Sophie Turner is making the best and most hilarious noise ever as she slayed an evening gown she wore to her husband’s birthday party. Sure, the humor in this seems to be bland and lame, but there’s more to it than it being “Sophie Turner just wearing an evening gown”, considering it’s not just any evening gown she wore to the bash.

Taylor Swi— or Sophie Turner’s dress rather, *ehem* *ehem*
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Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas’ ex had worn the gown first when she attended the Oscars back in 2016. The two dated back in 2008 for nearly four months before Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone, providing the inspiration to a couple songs she wrote for her albums. Of course, after she had been dumped, she didn’t just sit in a corner and cry. The pop star threw shade a couple times at Joe Jonas as she coped with the pain. The two; however, had made amends ten years later with both of them apologizing to each other for everything that had happened. So yeah, it’s good to know two of the most iconic stars of this generation are cool with each other now, but it’s also really funny to see how Joe Jonas’ wife, Sophie Turner is keeping his past close to him.

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With my love in the mountains 🏔

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We’re not sure if Joe Jonas has even realized this, but even if he did, with the pictures that are going out, he seems to just be having the grandest time with his wife, family, and friends on his 30th birthday.

Speaking of which, we’d like to wish Joe Jonas a happy happy happy birthday! We hope you’d continue to create wonderful music and more power to your band filled with such brotherly love! The Jonas brothers are forever in our hearts.


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