“Soulmate Project” starring James Reid and Nancy of MOMOLAND will follow a K-Drama format according to Antoinette Jadaone

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Last October, we were all shook and surprised about the announcement of James Reid is set to work with Nancy of MOMOLAND, the surprise announcement was made by Dreamscape Entertainment and ABS-CBN via post on their social media accounts. Titled as “Soul mate Project” directed by Antoinette Jadaone, James and Nancy will be teamed up for the first time for a “first of its kind television program in the Philippines. James also expressed that, “It’s never before done, what we’re trying to achieve,” Aside from those things, details about the “Soulmate Project” is still a top-secret, but Antoinette Jadaone being the director and the writer of the series, says that this is not a “typical teleserye.”

Antoinette Jadaone shared some important details about the much talked about TV series, she emphasized that “Soulmate Project” is more like series than teleserye following a K-drama format, “Hindi siya teleserye. It’s a series because it’s 13 episodes. It’s not like how we do teleseryes na you do it per script every day, with a weekly script,” She is talked about how she writes the script for the series, “It’s more my kind of process. I write the whole series na tapos na, unlike in teleseryes na hindi mo alam kung kailan siya matatapos, There is more control sa kung ano ang mangyayari sa bawat character, sa story. But also, mas mahirap siya, kasi I realize it’s not the same as writing a film script, a screenplay. It’s different, it’s harder to write a series pala. Pero since andiyan na, gagalingan ko nalang!” she added.

Antoinette Jadaone didn’t mention about the exact airing of the series, but the production will start in 2020, where some of the scenes will be filmed in the Philippines and South Korea. And once the Soulmate Project airs, all the episodes have been shot according to Antoinette Jadaone. Now, who’s excited to watch the Soulmate Project? 


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