Spend Your Holidays With Some D.I.Y. Frappes At The Own Comforts of Your Home

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Other than milkteas and smoothies, frappes are what really keeps us going, especially when we consider the holiday season. Cafés here and there just go through with making different sorts of frappes to make us merry and jolly. After all, as coffee lovers, what else could we really want this Christmas?

For those who are tired of the same frappes served in their favorite cafés and would like to thank things up a notch for the season, we’re presenting to you the D.I.Y. frappes that will absolutely change your life!

We sure hope you’re ready for this, because the chill is just about to come!

Caramel Frappe

Source: Prairie Farms

Other than Halloween, the Christmas season can be your cheat time too. So for all those sweet tooths who have been holding back? Now’s your time to shine! And we’re definitely starting with the special caramel frappe.

Just imagine that yummy caramel taste swirling on the mountain of whipped cream on your frappe mixed with the right amount of caffeine? That sweet and cold taste is just too good it will certainly melt in your mouth!

Find the full recipe here!

Chocolate Chip Frappe

Source: A Beautiful Mess

There’s a reason why Santa goes through all the trouble of falling down the chimney and delivering kids’ presents. It’s because the guilty pleasure he gets from chocolate chips is just too irresistable! But if Santa enjoys it, that means you should too so go ahead and enjoy your Christmas with your family and friends or maybe even with yourself if you’re trying out a chill Christmas for this year. Whatever way you want to spend the end of your year, you deserve to have this frappe by your side!

Start making it by clicking here!

Candy Cane Frappe

Source: Yummly

What’s Christmas with no candy canes? This iconic treat is just simply something not to be missed on such a sweet holiday! You know what this means? Simple. You should go ahead and try making it! And it’s for the most simple reason too — because nothing can seem to go wrong with a little bit of candy canes.

Find complete instructions with pictures here and enjoy!

Gingerbread Frappe

Source: Half Scratched

Gingerbread houses are quite a symbol on the table of a Western house. That certainly doesn’t mean though that it can’t enjoy itself in the comforts of an Asian home!

Don’t worry though. You don’t have to make a WHOLE HOUSE just to get a taste of gingerbread. You could always get that good taste in your favorite drink that we’re featuring today: the frappe.

Interested? Click here to find out how!

And with all these perfect coffee mixes, we hope you can enjoy your Christmas. Now, it may be a wonder for other people if you’re going to drink something cold in a chilly season. Well, who cares? Like how we always say here in SHY: you do you. Besides, if ever someone points that out to you, you could always say the cold never bother you anyway, because you’re a frigging queen.


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