Spiderman Isn’t Going To Be In Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Anymore And Here’s Why

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We fell in love with our favorite friendly neighborhood Spiderman the moment he was introduced to the whole world. We fell in love with him even more when we saw movies about him. And we couldn’t get enough of our love when he entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, otherwise known as the MCU. Things are about to change though and to think it would happen a few months after Far From Home was released.

We suppose we’re just going to have to have to break the news to you quickly though: Spiderman isn’t going to be standing together with heroes like Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, and the Hawkeye. Basically, he isn’t part of the MCU anymore and that’s all because of a failed agreement between Sony Entertainment and Disney (who owns Marvel).

For a more detailed explanation, Spiderman has always been owned by Sony since the 1980s after Marvel figured superhero movies weren’t just selling and realized their ongoing bankruptcy at the time. Now that Disney owns Marvel, they hoped to unify all the superheroes in a huge action-packed franchise. They eventually reached an agreement with Sony to use Spiderman in the next MCU movies to come. Now that Sony is “disappointed” though, they have decided to pull Spiderman out of the MCU for “co-financial reasons”.

Fans aren’t sure what to expect though, confused about what could happen to the cast of the MCU Spiderman movies and of course, Tom Holland who plays the web-flinging superhero. They have even tweeted their concerns on the issue, either hoping that Spiderman would come back to Marvel once again, Peter Parker’s true home or saying that this was a good decision made by Sony.

Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and the rest of the company haven’t given official statements, reactions, or concerns on the issue, but we can tell a ton of us are going to be crying rivers of tears. We can only hope that this won’t be a permanent decision made by Sony, because we really don’t need to see another reboot where Uncle Ben dies.


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