Steve Harvey Jokes How He’s Thankful To Be The Host of Miss Universe For Five Years After The Mishap

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I don’t think anyone can forget the crazy mishap that happened in the pageant back in 2015 when Steve Harvey called Miss Columbia instead of Miss Philippines as the winning Miss Universe. After all, how could we? That’s exactly how Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach won.

With that, Steve Harvey actually thought his career was over as a whole country pretty much disliked him and after he got a girl who had thought had nabbed her biggest opportunity, cried her heart out.

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Thankfully, nobody really sued him and he still became the host of the most prestigious pageant for five times in a row, according to him as he joked at the show’s opening after Ally Brooke’s performance.

In fact, Steve Harvey even called out Columbia, asking him if they had already forgiven him on the matter. As the Columbian crowd cheered, Harvey took it as an accepted apology although he figured some who did not cheer still held a grudge for what had happened.

On the bright side though, the Philippines which he had mentioned countless of times at the beginning of the show is certainly thankful for him having hailed Pia Wurtzbach as Miss Universe after so many decades.

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The Filipino crowd who seems to be seated at the front row of the studio where they can get a good look of the competition cheered on as Steve Harvey expressed how grateful he was for having visited the country.

Back when the mistake was made, many had criticized the host and the show, saying it must have been a major public stunt. Steve Harvey and the show; however, countlessly apologized, and made their last statement in 2016, clearing that it was nothing but an honest mistake and that the winner was not on the teleprompter, a statement that was very

Of course, the Miss Columbia at the time certainly wasn’t happy with what had happened and had event mentioned how after four minutes, her dreams were ultimately crushed. Miss Columbia 2015 criticized the show and advised to change things up, because they can’t just do things that way.

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Now, fifteen of the semi-finalists have been called and we sure wish the best for the show and Steve Harvey. We’ll be praying that no mishap will be done again. We just can’t have the 2015 thing happening over again as much as we’re so thankful for Pia Wurtzbach (who is totally a queen in real life) winning the pageant and taking back home the crown.

Maybe Pia needs to give him those big glasses if ever.

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