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Swoon-worthy surprise of Daniel Padilla for Kathryn Bernardo

Swoon-worthy surprise of Daniel Padilla for Kathryn Bernardo

Another sweet and heart-warming gesture that made us and KathNiel fans swoon and yeah, a wish to have one Daniel Padilla also! After the very touching and talk-of-the-town message of Kathryn Bernardo to her boyfriend Daniel Padilla last September 3, Tuesday. Kathryn express how much DJ inspired her whilst filming the movie. The 23-year-old actress also mention on her post that Daniel is her support system, her rock and Daniel`s strength and love keeps her going through her hard times as they film the blockbuster and highest grossing Filipino movie of all time Hello, Love, Goodbye.

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So I just came from our thanksgiving party and was finally able to thank the many people who were instrumental to the success of #HelloLoveGoodbye (you guys know who you are). However, there is one person I wasn’t able to mention—and he deserves this ENTIRE post. This person was not only my source of inspiration while I was filming the movie. He was my support system, my rock, my strength. We were hundreds of miles away from each other but not once did he make me feel alone. There were times I almost gave up—I felt exhausted, drained, and too lonely as I was too immersed in the character of Joy. It was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced both on and off cam. But this guy, he kept me going. These are just some of the photos we sent each other every day—just random silly selfies, but they kept me going. I had a pillow with his t-shirt and scent on, which I hugged every night and every time I felt like crying. I know it sounds a bit childish, but that also kept me going. DJ, my love, YOU KEPT ME GOING. Since day one, you were my biggest supporter and my number one cheerleader. I know how hard it was for you to let go of my hand, but despite that you still allowed me to fly.😢 You know how scared I was being away from you too, but you stayed strong for the both of us. You kept reminding me, “Kaya mo yan, mahal. Konti nalang!” You never gave up, you never gave me a reason to doubt myself or us. So to be honest, “thank you” is not enough to cover everything I feel—because it was your love that made all of this possible. I hope I made you proud, my love. I couldn’t have done this without you by my side. 🥺 Your success is mine; my success is yours. ❤️

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And if you think Kathryn`s lengthy-sweet message is enough to fill up our dose of KathNiel`s feed, a day after the Instagram post of Kathryn took the internet, Daniel Padilla surprises Kathryn with flowers as well as Min Bernardo, Kathryn`s mother.

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According to Min Bernardo, Kathryn woke up with a gift of bouquet of yellow tulips and a bouquet of red roses for her, awwww! Kathryn`s mother shared this sweet surprise on her Instagram account saying, “Ang aga naman dumating ni Primo, tulips talaga, and sa akin pa-red roses,” Min said. “THOU lang talaga ang peg, DJ? Thank you so much, my son… Huwag lang akong si Tita Lola ha? Hehe! Kidding aside, thank you for being thoughtful as always. Huwag ka lang magbabago and we’re here as your second family. Bakasyunan naaaa.”

Min Bernardo is pertaining to the character of Daniel Padilla in the movie The How`s of Us, where Daniel Padilla played the role of Primo Alvarez and Kathryn as George Silva. The couple undeniably showed their support for each other even if it’s a separate project or as a loveteam, which makes KathNiel worth the love and stan for! In the recent Star MAGIC games 2019 Daniel express how he felt on Kathryn`s success for of Hello, Love, Goodbye, “Ang tagumpay niya ay tagumpay ko rin,” Daniel said in an interview.

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