Take A Look At Taylor Swift’s Last Decade In Her Twenties As She Celebrates Being 30

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With 2020 rolling in, we’re all hoping to start a new wonderfilled decade. Taylor Swift is definitely in on the action as the last thing she does for 2019 is to spend her 30th birthday, a sayonara sort of thing to the former decade which she spent in her twenties and a hello to a brand new one in her thirties.

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The singer song-writer totally knew how to spend her birthday as she performed at the Z100’s 2019 Jingle Ball and celebrated a private after-party with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn; her best friend since high school, Abigail Lucier; and a couple other celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Camila Cabello, and 5 Seconds of Summer.

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Her birthday seemed to be a blast as she posted on Instagram all the fun she had with her closest friends while she also seems to pretty much celebrate too her Woman of The Decade award which we definitely won’t stop congratulating her for.

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Happy birthday but make it santa 🎅

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As a tribute to this empowered woman who has also been dubbed as the most iconic singer in today’s era, we’re listing all the ups and downs she had over the past decade. We might as well say while we’re doing this how incredibly honored we are to live in the same time as her.

1. Taylor speaks up against slut-shaming as she has experienced it in her early 20s.

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The Lover album had a lot of personal view points coming from Taylor on her life, personal love life, and society in general. One of the songs in the album that seemed to be pretty political, raising awareness on how sexism is still alive is The Man wherein Taylor sings on how her love life would not be as much as criticized if she were a man rather than a woman.

Taylor has mentioned that she had experienced it in her early 20s and had come to a realization how unfair it was for women to experience such criticism just because they were female.

2. Taylor defends other women.

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Her many criticisms and bashes in her early 20s drove Taylor to speak up for different women who are all being brought down and undermined by society.

It basically shaped her to who she would become today.

3. Ultimately facing her bashers.

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Taylor has been the victim of seemingly endless backlashes that the media puts on her. The bashers that seem to stick with her forever have become the subject of her many songs which had eventually become hits. Now that’s total power!

4. Taylor Becomes Body Positive.

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From being an awkward teenager like everyone else, Taylor had begun to be body positive at the moment she turned into her 20s. She accepted all her flaws and her physical looks. She began to love herself more and had begun promoting self-care and self-love.

5. Saying Goodbye To Being America’s Sweetheart.

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With Taylor’s extremely sweet personality, always smiling all the time and all, she has managed to nab the title of America’s sweetheart. Eventually though, in her 20s, the title was taken away from her. Taylor addressed this as something great in her career as it felt limiting, suffocating, and even toxic to always have to be the positive friendly figure the whole world wanted to see where making mistakes seemed to be something that shouldn’t be done.

With all this, we can say that Taylor has certainly done a lot of things over the past decade so here’s to a whole new one! Cheers to you Taylor! We hope you had the happiest birthday ever!


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