Taylor Swift’s Song, ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ For The ‘Cats’ Movie Has Us Enchanted

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It’s been a couple months since the Cats movie trailer has been released. There have been criticisms regarding the CGI to praises regarding the singing methods and performances. In short, the Cats movie has been quite the talk of the town for a while in both positive and negative ways, but honestly, regardless of the sort of creepy editing of the characters, we only have good words for the movie now that a preview of Taylor Swfit’s new song, Beautiful Ghosts, has been released.

When I first heard it, I couldn’t help but feel mesmerized with the beautiful tune and enchanted by the deep lyrics. Here’s a preview for it so you all understand where I’m going right here:

Beautiful Ghosts is set to be sung by Francesca Hayward who plays Victoria, the white cat for the movie and by Taylor Swift for the pop version.

Source: Popsugar UK

Tune in on with us for the full release of Beautiful Ghosts and more updates regarding the movie if you’re into being on an adventure of second chances with a bunch of singing and dancing felines.


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