The Barretto Family Feud In A Nutshell

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Show business in any country is sure filled with some juicy drama both on and off cam. And if you think Hollywoods’ stars won’t stop fighting or nagging off each other, you’d be “entertained” with how we have local drama queens ourselves, found in the Barretto family, particularly in sisters, Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine Barretto.

If you pay attention to local entertainment news, you’ll find that their decade long feud is literally everywhere with crazy controversies and scandals unleashed from the dark to the light. To be fair, their feud is so loud that you don’t even need to be an entertainment goer to know their fighting. It’s that crazy.

Now if you’re like this one group of netizens who are thrilled with the ongoing fights, then you must be staring at the television for a darn long time, just awaiting every interview involving the sisters to be broadcast like its some kind of soap opera. Of course though, not all of us are a 100% into what’s going on and to be honest, most of us don’t even know how the heck this all started. It’s confusing, OK?

Anyway, if you want to shed some light on the topic, just so you could y’know, actually understand something about their family feud for once, we’ve prepared quite an amusing explanation to where it all began.

Presenting *drum roll* the Barretto family feud in a nutshell.

Lvl 1: Gretchen vs. Marjorie and Dennis Padilla (2004)


This fight mostly had something to do with entertainment issues and Dennis Padilla’s career which sort of involved Willie Revillame. Dennis later cleared out though that it had nothing to do with it and the fight had honestly began from a “small misunderstanding” which he decided not to elaborate.

Lvl 2: Gretchen vs Claudine (2006)

Yeah, Gretchen wasn’t in good terms with her family still by this time so she totally didn’t show to Claudine’s wedding to Raymart Santiago at the time.

Lvl 3: Gretchen + Marjorie + Claudine (2007)

Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine reconcile and just have being sisters.

Lvl 4: Gretchen vs. Claudine… again (2009 – 2010)

Yeah. They fought again.

Lvl 5: Gretchen + Claudine (2011)

Source: Fashion PULIS

They reconcile.

Lvl 6: Gretchen and Marjorie vs. Claudine (2013 – 2014)

Things start to really go down and dirty. Julia Barretto (Marjorie’s daughter) gets bashed and Gretchen seems to point out it’s Claudine.

The Barretto matriarch then gets angry at Gretchen for pointing the “false accusations” against Claudine and decides to “let her go” as her child.

Lvl 7: Marjorie + Claudine (2015)


Marjorie and Claudine become chill with each other when Claudine attends Julia’s eighteenth birthday.

Lvl 8: Gretchen + Claudine vs. Marjorie (2019).

Gretchen starts throwing shade at Marjorie’s daughters and things get worse when the Barretto patriarch dies. Scandals and controversies show up.

Well, wasn’t that complicated? At least we now all get everything simplified. Tune in more to the drama here at SHY! We’ll be comin’ at ya with more juicy stuff.


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