The ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical Remake On Broadway Gives A Strong Anti-Suicide Message

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Beetlejuice sure stole everyone’s hearts back in 1988 when it became a huge blockbuster hit and now, 31 years after its premiere, the movie has done it again through a stage play musical currently showing on Broadway.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

The musical, directed by Alex Timbers and produced by Warner Bros., gives tribute to the original story everyone had fallen in love with while giving itself its own identity as well, having changed up a few elements of the story.

Compared to the movie, the Beetlejuice musical focuses mostly on teen goth Lydia Deetz who has become suicidal after the death of her mother and has a degrading relationship with her father. With this, it sheds light on the topic of depression and suicide and convinces many out there going through it that there are still better things waiting in life and that being dead isn’t exactly a promising thing.


The anti-suicide messages can be seen in Miss Argentina’s song, What I Know Now, and Lydia Deetz’s song, Home. Both songs show how though life may have some tough times, it really is better to stay alive and appreciate all the good things life has to offer.

Listen to the two songs that has taken the musical by storm and keep in your heart its strong messages of appreciating life.


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