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Now that you’re a tween, teen, young adult, or adult, there are lots of sleepless nights you have to spend during the weekdays. Thank goodness God made weekends, right? It’s those one or two days wherein we get to sleep in and oversleep. But what happens if you’ve got somewhere important to go to during the weekend and because of another sleepless Friday or Saturday night, you had to oversleep and now you only have a few minutes to get ready. Finding clothes to wear is a piece of cake, but it’s the barely 5 minute make up that can be tricky. Situation sound familiar? I guess we all have to admit encountering this situation once or twice in our lives immediately, because get real, nobody is perfect! Here’s some great advice though, if you can’t avoid the problem, solve the problem. Let’s prepare for that next time you don’t get out of bed and oversleep until you realize you’ve got somewhere you need to go with these awesome tips!

Make sure to wash your hands by the way! Your fingers will be very useful for this 5 minute make up routine you can use especially when you oversleep!

Step 1. Take a Deep Breath and Prepare Everything You Need.

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You’ve only got 5 minutes on the clock. Panicking is not an option in this type of situation. It will seriously not get you anywhere. If you want something done quickly, you have to do it calmly so take a deep breath, put all that tension away, and prepare what you’ll need for this fast and simple make up routine: a foundation and concealer, basic eyeshadow, eyebrow brush, blush, and lipstick.

Step 2. Apply Foundation and Concealer.


Every girl who applies make up knows that these two are very essential when beginning a perfect make up look. Since this is just going to be a simple routine and you’ve most probably barely even woken up from your deep rest as Sleeping Beauty, concentrate on putting foundation on the oily parts of your face and the reddish portions of your nose and chin. Be sure to put concealer around the circle of your eyes too. A little tip when doing this: use your fingers so you could control the amount of foundation and concealer you put. This will also make it easier to blend it with the skin tone of your face.

Step 3. Apply Blush.

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Now that you’ve got the foundation and concealer on your face, it’s time for the blush. Pick up whatever blush you want. Again, use your fingers. Tap the blush against your skin lightly then blend it carefully and smoothly. Blush is a great make up tool that will help liven up your face. Here’s a little reminder by the way — many people debate on whether which blush between powder or cream is better. Honestly, it depends on the texture of your face. If it’s dry, use cream. If it’s normal to oily, use powder.

Step 4. Put Some Eyeshadow.

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Again, you’ve just woken up so your eyes are most definitely groggy looking. One way to deal with it is to put some eyeshadow to make you look awake! It’s best to use eyeshadow colors which are brighter than your skin tone. Once more, use your fingers to carefully apply the eyeshadow over your lids to control the amount and blend it.

Step 5. Use an Eyebrow Brush.

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Once you’re done with your eyes, grab your eyebrow brush and just swipe it across your eyebrows.

Step 6. Apply Lipstick.

Lastly, it’s time to make your lips look fuller. Get the lipstick shade of your choice (pink is best!) then apply it all over your lips. Then use your fingers to smoothen it out and remove some excess.

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Step 7. Congratulate Yourself For Doing a Job Well Done!

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Ah, yes. Finally, we have come to the last step where you give yourself a pat on the shoulder or back and rejoice that you have managed to get your face glowing and ready in just a matter of 5 minutes or less and laugh at how that could have been the craziest 5 minutes of your life. Now, it’s time to go off and start your day and hope for the best that maybe next time, you won’t oversleep. If you really can’t, then there’s always these tips to read again!