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The Complete Guide to Happiness

The Complete Guide to Happiness

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do or where you go, you feel empty or numb of the things and people that surround you? Have you ever asked yourself in front of the mirror, “Paano kaya ako magiging masaya?” I understand that loneliness is different from depression, and it’s not as simple as “pagdasal mo na lang ‘yan” or “magpahinga ka muna” as I myself have gone through the darkness. In my sincere effort to help others who are struggling, I decided to create a list of things you could do to lift your spirits up, all based on science. These practices may not be applicable to everybody, but I hope you could pick one or two to help you get through whatever difficult situation you are in at the moment.

Learn to accept and let go of things that are beyond your control.

Acceptance is simply saying “Amen” to whatever life throws at you. By “whatever”, I wish to emphasize those things that you are not in control of – such as health of a loved one or simply how other people perceive you. This isn’t an easy task especially forcontrol-freaks out there, but it is important to train ourselves to trust the process and just let live in order to achieve inner peace. 

Gradually find joy in the simplest of things.

If you are used of grandiosity such as shopping for designer bags, out of country luxury holidays, and collecting signature watches, you will never be happy. You have to find happiness not from material things nor from other people; but from within you. This is possible by simply appreciating what you have – from the simple house that you live in, the food you eat, and the people who love you.

Take a break from social media.

Social media may be beneficial or harmful to users depending on the way it is utilized. It is important to remember that not everything posted in Facebook or Instagram is true. Afterall, who would post something that would negatively affect their reputation? Sometimes, some posts you see on Facebook may cause envy especially over material things or personal experiences. First of all, you must know that it’s okay to feel that way as we are merely humans and we all sin differently. In order to avoid this however, acleanse from social media is essential to find contentment in yourself – your own experiences, your own friends, your own life, your own pace. Every person is different and comparing yourself to others will only do you harm.

Shower them with kindness.

You can never be wrong in being kind. There is nothing to lose in being kind to others, but there is a lot to gain. Kindness is something that doesn’t cost anything but could afford you something that money can never buy – respect. Likewise, if you invest in kindness, the return is something they call “good karma”. Remember, one kind word can change someone’s entire day. When dealing with ungrateful and toxic people, you may find it challenging to show kindness; but I tell you – once you get yourself used with being kind, it will be effortless even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Spend wisely and treat yourself every now and then.

People work in order to provide their own and even other people’s needs. However, I think it would be wrong to simply keep working without rewarding yourself. By “reward”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive sports car or a designer purse. Like what I mentioned above, find joy in simple things – it could be a bowl of hot ramen, a movie night with your loved one, or even a whole day laying on the couch while watching Netflix all by yourself.

Get yourself a dog.

A dog doesn’t speak but its actions will make you feel that you aren’t alone. Dogs will never leave your side even if you shoo them away. To me, they are far better companions than people, especially those who seem to not understand. Apart from being a loyal companion and a steadfast friend, dogs will also encourage you to get up and get out of the house even for just a brief walk or quick stroll in the park.

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