The Cyrus And Hemsworth Families Are Doing Everything They Can To Stop The Divorce

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Mikey Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are both having difficult times trying to cope with the hardship they’re currently experiencing during their marriage — basically, a status close to getting divorce, but apparently, news has broken out that they’re not the only ones.

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Both Miley’s and Liam’s families are trying to convince the newly married couple who have been doomed sooner before anyone could say, “divorce”, to rethink about their decision. Both sides of the family hope that they’ll realize it’s just an obstacle in marriage that they can cross and resolve.

There haven’t been any statements about how Miley and Liam feels about their families wanting to get back together and not push through with the divorce papers. Liam Hemsworth has only said how difficult things are going for him in a couple interviews, while a source who seems to be representing Miley has stated that Miley is having the most difficult time with the break up, but has decided to go forth with it after having “outgrown” from the “party-loving lifestyle” both her and Liam had loved. The source continues to explain that Liam still goes on with that type of life, while Miley would just rather not go with it. The source ended his statement saying that their marriage has been suffering from a lot of other hardships beside that though and that for now, they’re just having a break before they officially end their marriage by signing those dreadful divorce papers.

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Though our hearts are still managing to recover with this news, secretly hoping they’d come back together, we also respect whatever decision that couple will unanimously make. After all, they’re the married ones and we hope with that, everyone will also respect how they feel.


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