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The Filipino Version Of “Miracle In Cell No. 7” Has Found Its Little Leading Lady in Xia Vigor

The Filipino Version Of “Miracle In Cell No. 7” Has Found Its Little Leading Lady in Xia Vigor

With the recent announcement of a Filipino version of the Korean movie that made us all cry, “Miracle in Cell No. 7”, in the making, fans have been on their toes, excited for the upcoming film as they continue to watch over the production and news on it. Those fans pretty much include us since we just can’t not be excited as to what kind of Filipino twist they’ll put in the movie. We also can’t deny the possible speculation that this movie will make us cry a lot more compared to how the original one did as it will display our culture, making us closer and getting us to relate more to the film. The fact that Aga Muhlach is in the role of the disabled father who was accused for something he did not even do is also enough for us to know that this movie will do great, considering that the actor is incredibly talented in the entertainment industry and has made us cry in a ton of other Filipino dramas before. It’s no doubt that he’ll have us moved in tears right away.

Another actor that we guarantee will have us crying is the talented Xia Vigor who will take on the role of the young version of the daughter of Aga Muhlach’s character who eventually grows up to be lawyer who will now be played by Bella Padilla after Nadine Lustre had decided to take a short break to rest.

Aga Muhlach even posted on Instagram how proud and happy he is that Xia Vigor will be his on-screen daughter, a sweet moment which we would want any on-screen father and daughter to have.

We sure are overjoyed with this news and we truly can’t wait for more news on the production as we wait for the premiere of the movie!

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