The Holidays Are Almost Here And These Celebrities Know Just How To Spend The Season of Gift Giving

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Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone just cannot wait for the season of joy, love, and sharing — and oh well, gift giving.

Sure, material things really aren’t important, but like, let’s be real for a second. We can’t really escape the world of gift giving. We’re bound to run into it eventually and if you have I don’t know… Absolutely no idea what to give to people? Then you’re in luck, because these celebrities are ready to help you with just that.

We gathered all the Hollywood gift guides from E! into one post and we’re more than excited to share all the good things your loved ones will surely love.

Christina Milian

Source: E! Online

This actress, singer, and songwriter from New Jersey knows just how to spend the holidays right: with her friends and family. She also has really helpful advice for Christmas shopping: “know who you’re shopping for”. It’s really important to know and be able to get what the person you love actually wants. Remember that you’re shopping for them and not for yourself.

As a great holiday gift guide, Christina has these perfect ideas:

Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack

Source: My Kanken Bag

For those who are gadget enthusiasts and just love to keep their gadgets, particularly laptops safe, this one is absolutely perfect for them. The Kanken bag is perfect for outdoor activities and it frankly, keeps your laptop perfectly safe. It’s even waterproof!

Sure, it’s difficult Swedish name may be difficult to pronounce, but we actually found that it’s as low as 999 pesos on Shopee! It’s affordable enough.

Apple Airpods

Source: Digital Trends

Like Christina said, “who isn’t going to love these?”

The Apple airpods are really in demand, because they’re basically wireless earphones. Say goodbye to having to untangle all those wires and say hello to being able to listen to music or take phone calls anywhere! Help a loved one be wire free for the season!

You can find these as low as 1,999 pesos in Shopee.

Now excuse me as I go to the app. I think I know exactly what to get for my mom this year.

Café Beignet

Christina originally put The Beignet Box on her Holiday gift list, but since they can only be found in Los Angeles, I’m changing things up. Of course naturally, I’d not include it in the list, but BEIGNETS ARE JUST TOO GOOD TO NOT INCLUDE HERE.

Now, not a lot of Filipinos know how to pronounce it — let alone know what beignets even are. Well here’ the background of it.

Famous in New Orleans (which we may see in Disney’ The Princess and The Frog), this pastry dish is basically fried dough prepared with sugar on top.

Source: Sweety High

It’s too savory and sweet to refuse! Just look at the picture!

Of course you can get these at Café Beignet. They offer different types — from chocolate filled beignets to bacon and cheese filled ones. There’s seriously nothing better to give to someone who has a sweet or savory tooth than food. In fact, sometimes, food is really all we wanna eat on Christmas day.

Each stuffed beignet costs 50 pesos while their minis cost 40 pesos. You can get a delivery pack of them though for 200 pesos.


If you aren’t really into the idea of buying and want to make things more special, you can change things up by making your own beignet.

You can start out by clicking here.

Ally Brooke

Source: E! Online

Ally Brooke who was formerly part of Fifth Harmony has a few wonderful gift ideas to get for the special people in your life as you all “celebrate and reflect on 2019” — something Ally plans to do for Christmas.

Seamless Workout Tights

Source: Amazon

For those people who just love, love, love working out, this is the perfect gift ever. It can make any girl feel fit and sexy while also feeling free to move (which is really actually what any girl wants).

We found out that there’s a pair that’s as low as 186 pesos on Shopee. Totally affordable, right?

bkr Water Bottle

Source: Influenster

Hydrating is extremely important and to someone like Ally who keeps on practicing, this is the best gift anyone can recieve. It’s the perfect on the go water bottle and oh, can we also mention the fact that it’s a perfect accessory?

We found one that’s as low as 635 pesos on Sephora Philppines. So what are yoy waiting for? Go on and buy now.

Haloscope Higlighter

Source: YouTube

For Ally, this is a perfect “all year round gift”, because there is just no way the person you give this to can ignore this highlighter’s moisturizing benefits.

It’s as low as 1,100 pesos on Shopee!

Nicole Richie

Source: E! Online

Style icon Nicole Richie has a few things she wants to buy for people for the season and also, a few things she wants YOU to buy your loved ones for this Christmas.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

Source: Cult Beauty

This serum is some kind of miracle youth elixir. OK. I exaggerated. It’s not really something to keep you forever young (the fountain of youth isn’t a real thing, folks), but it sure is something that may prevent those annoying lines and wrinkles from appearing as it helps hydrate your supposed dry face.

It’s as low as 1500 pesos for that lucky someone (or maybe even you) to enjoy!

OUAI Wave Spray

Source: Sephora Philipppines

And of course, the face can’t be the only one getting all that care. Nicole is also into making one’s hair stay luxurious and beautiful and so as low as 760 pesos on Sepora Philippines, you can buy this wonderful gift for someone you know (who was wavy hair) who would love it.

And so that’s it for our holiday list! We hope you enjoy! We’re updating you all on more gifts you can give your loved ones so tune in for some more holiday splendor!


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