The “Isa Pa With Feelings” Poster Has Just Been Dropped And We’re Too Thrilled About It

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The “Isa Pa With Feelings film, a masterpiece starring Carlo Aquino and Maine Mendoza, has been driving us wild the moment it was announced. When they dropped the teaser trailer, we all felt ourselves getting carried away by our emotions. Just imagine what happened when the official trailer was released recently? And now with the poster that had come out? We might get in for a heart attack. Not that we’re complaining though. The netizens on Twitter apparently seem to share the same thoughts as us.

But then again, the thing us, we didn’t get a poster for the film… We have two! And you have no idea how we’re fangirling right now. We might explode so much from all the excitement and “kilig” we feel with one poster. Everyone else is feeling the same way too with a question in mind though: “What is with that aquarium?”

Found in both posters, it seems that the aquarium is an important part of the film that we’ll just have to wait to understand when we watch it once the movie releases at cinemas. As for now, we’ll have to wait. But hey, with all the thrill, we think it’s best to take things a little bit easy for now.


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