The “Isa Pa With Feelings” Teaser Trailer Is Trending And We Can’t Help But Shout, “Isa Pa!”

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Maine Mendoza is at it again with a movie alongside the legendary actor, Carlo Aquino produced by Black Sheep entitled, “Isa Pa With Feelings”.

The movie has been looked forward to from the moment it was announced that it was going to be made. Fans of both Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino and simple Black Sheep moviegoers had their heads focused on the updates of the movie which explains why the teaser trailer, though having only been released last night, is already trending across all social media platforms and not just nationwide if we may add, but worldwide as well.

Even though just being a teaser, everyone has their opinions to throw towards the story and so far, all have been positive — some even admitting that they have been moved to tears by the story which involves a deaf character, raising awareness and support towards the deaf citizens of the country.

Go on and watch the teaser of “Isa Pa With Feelings”! Trust us, it’s worth it!

The movie will be released this October 16 — now that’s certainly a date to mark.


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